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Where is my diffuser made?

Where do our essential oils come from?

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How much pure essential oil do Nebulizing Diffusers™ use?


What are those 2 Plastic Pipette Droppers in my Diffuser Box used for & Why do I need them?

Should I clean my diffuser after every use or after different essential oils?

How Often Should I Clean my Diffuser?

Are Essential Oils Dangerous?

Essential Oils and Your Pets

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Essential oils and Dogs, Birds, Horses, etc...

Are Essential Oils Dangerous?


How does the diffuser work?

Does the diffuser have a timer?

How can I remove or disable the LED Lighting?

Will this diffuser work in my country?

My diffuser is making a crackling, popping or sucking sound and I am seeing air bubbles in the little tubes, why is that?

My diffuser is not absolutely silent, why not?

Can I dilute the pure essential oil in this diffuser?

Are there essential oils that cannot be used in this Nebulizing Diffuser™?

Just bought my diffuser, and stopped working! What should I do!?

Does this diffuser use heat or water?

My glass reservoir is clogged; I’ve done all the cleanings what should I do next?

There is not mist coming out of my diffuser unlike in the videos.


What are your warranty and refund policies?

What if I ran out of Organic Aroma essential oils and instead bought other brands of oil and used it in my diffuser, will it void my warranty?

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Is the wood part real wood?

How may square feet does the scent covers?

Are all Organic Aromas Diffusers the same?

Why is the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser more expensive than other diffusers?

I am a new customer and wondered if you offer any coupon savings on my first order?

This is a gift please do not put the value on the package for the recipient to see?