How To Get Started With Your Diffuser

Posted on April 05, 2015 by Chad Pegura | 0 comments

So you have purchased your new Organic Aromas essential oil aromatherapy diffuser or you received one as a gift and you are not sure how to proceed. You have seen similar (or seemingly similar) before, but you don't entirely know how to use it. Let us remove the veil and shed light on a few things that are easily skipped if you were not reminded.                                                                                  

To get started, place the glass reservoir in the rubber stopper on the wood base. It is best to place the glass stem at the bottom of the reservoir in the rubber stopper at an angle and then rock the entire glass reservoir back and forth from, say, 6 to 12 o'clock to achieve an easy insert. Dont worry the glass wont break if you push straight down, but it will feel like its going to. Its just in your mind. Best way is to place it in at an angle and rock it back and forth. It will easily slide in. After a few tries it will feel really natural.

bottle of essential oilThen put 20-25 drops (say 1ml) of the pure essential oil into the glass reservoir and turn on the device. You will see that that there is a "volume" control switch on the side. If your room is small like a bedroom just turn it to half way. You often will see mist come out of the reservoir. Don't worry if you dont. If you look close, you can see the microtubes in the reservoir spraying the nebulized essential oil onto the wall of the reservoir in a big ring. The diffuser will work for 2 minutes and then shut off for 1. This is the usage cycle. After 120 minutes the motor will shut down, but the LED light will stay on. This is normal.

Make sure you read the manual. It will just take 3 minutes. That manual is also your guarantee card which will cover parts and service for one full year. Also, make sure you watch this cleaning video. All these techniques are in the manual. Keep in mind, the more you clean your diffuser the better it will function! It is very important to clean it at least once a week if you use it often. This cannot be stressed enough. The only problem these diffusers virtually ever have is from lack of cleaning. See video HERE

Otherwise, have fun. You can use the diffuser when you want to relax, when entertaining guests, when you are in the bathroom preparing for your day and before you sleep among many places and times. The diffuser will properly diffuse enough scent to fill a big room (more than 45sqm, nearly 500sqft). Keep in mind not to diffuse too much scent as a little essential goes a long , long way.

We are quite sure you will really enjoy this diffuser. It is beautiful, effective and whisper quiet. It also does not use heat or water. Frankly spoken, this diffuser is the best and the only one you will ever need to own. Keep it clean and it will likely accompany for years to come. These diffusers are one of a kind and simply the best way to diffuser pure essential oils!






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