The Incredible World of Essential Oils

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Most people don’t truly understand what essential oils actually are. Most equate them with perfumes or scents that come from flowers, like roses, jasmine or the skin of citrus fruits. The reality is that these special organic compounds are often fundamental to plants in order for them to survive and thrive. They can play an important role in many aspects of their life processes.

These roles include attracting beneficial insects and repelling unwanted ones and inhibiting or Rosemary oil glandsslowing the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Essential oils are stored in specialized cells or reservoirs, glands and cavities in the plant. Depending on the plant these oils can be found in the root, leaf, flowers, fruit or seed.

The oils are comprised of mixtures of terpenoids, acids, alcohols, aldehydes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, esters, lactones and much more. The fact is, these are chemicals that can be caustic and volatile. They are also highly corrosive and can be flammable. That is why we need to treat them with caution and respect.

eucalyptus essential oil leaf section with cavitiesThese oils may be used for their antioxidant effects as well as their antiseptic and medicinal properties and can be used as analgesics, sedatives, anti-inflammatories, anti-spasmolytics and local anaesthetics.                       

We want to explore these things to underscore the value, variety of characteristics and the very serious nature of essential oils. Essential oils are not to be treated lightly. They are used by legitimate scientists and health care professionals all over for a multitude of reasons. They are also frequently used by amateurs and hobbyists to lift the morale, sharpen the focus, purify the air and calm the spirit of people, groups and homes across the world.

Clary sage oil glands

We have submitted a series of very interesting scientific photographs courtesy of . These photos show incredible views into the cellular level of these plants using electron microscopes.

They are amazing in their detail and give us some context about where essential oils exactly come from and what they are. Enjoy this gift from nature, but use them with caution and with respect. There are profound insights to be obtained from these wonderful natural compounds and Organic Aromas is doing our best to demonstrate their value.

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