Replacement Glass Reservoir Set

$22 USD

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  • Tough, heat-strengthened pyrex glass
  • Collect more than one replacement glass set for a new and different look each time
  • Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol; for tough clogs and stains please soak in boiling hot water
  • Not all replacement glass sets are interchangeable with our Organic Aromas® models. Some of the bases can be interchanged, if you have any questions please email us at

There may be a time when you are feeling a bit spontaneous and you would prefer a different look for your Organic Aromas® essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. A replacement glass reservoir top can also alter your style and create a special atmosphere.

Also, in the case of life's little accidents there is always a replacement glass reservoir top whenever you need it.



Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Wanda Nowicki
So relieved ..

When I broke my elegance diffuser bottle through carelessness I was tui king I would have to pay for an entire new system. When I emailed they explained they have the replacements at much less than paying for a whole new unit! And it arrived in very short order! I think it only took 2 days!dIm in B.C. Canada.

Fad A.
Great products and great servive

I have an Organic Aroma Nebulizer for more than 5 years now and I absolutely love it ! As small accident happens, I broke the reservoir and needed a replacement. I was pleased to see than they were available, and that there were new disigns so I can update my nebuliser with a more modern reservoir ! I contacted the company on sevral occations and they were very responsive and keen to advise me ! Brillant team and brillant product !

Linda Kelly
Organic Aromas Totally Rocks!

I had used a too thick oil and clogged the tiniest tube of my diffuser. Alas, even after several aggressive cleaning attempts still clogged. Then along came an email offer of 2 for the price of 1 replacement glass. I had to take advantage of that generous offer but could not get the website to give me the offer, so I ordered just one and then sent another email to OA and voila, when my order came there were 2 replacements in the box. Organic Aromas always comes through no matter what the problem has been. The best customer service ever keeps me coming back!

Robin V.
Beautiful Replacement

I was surprised at how quickly my replacement glass reservoir arrived! It was packed securely and arrived unbroken. It replaced the one I broke without any problems. The little glass cap doesn't fit perfectly so some mist escapes out the side instead of through the nozzle. I think that's just because it's blown glass perhaps and has unique qualities to each one. It still works though and I really enjoy my diffuser.

Excellent service

I have two Raindrop diffusers and I’ve lost the power cord and broke one of the glass portion of the diffuser. I am so thankful they sell replacements parts at affordable prices!! It’s a great service to provide customers.