The Favorites Sampler Pack

$55 USD

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  • This collection makes an extraordinary gift and is the perfect introduction to professional aromatherapy with a number of oils for a wide variety of situations, applications and subjects.
  • Substantial, elegant and beautifully presented in a handsome, high quality, handcrafted plantation hardwood box with brass lock fitting. A true keepsake.
  • Offers an excellent chance to both ply and utilize the oils in their traditional and proven uses and prescriptions as well as to mix your own unique combinations
  • Features a number of important single pure essential oils, a certified organic oil and two artisanally-crafted essential oil blends found nowhere else
  • Contains the handpicked selection composed of Lavender, Purity Blend, Peppermint, Organic Sweet Orange, Energy Blend and Organic Rosemary
  • Submit a request for your favorite oil; In certain cases, due to supply shortage or other circumstances Organic Aromas reserves the right to make substitutions for some essential oils

This gorgeous handmade wooden box set contains a variety of six wonderful, organic essential oils. One of the most popular products in our store, the Organic Aromas Favorites Sampler Pack is the perfect gift for an aspiring aromatherapist or for someone who just wants to experience a diverse array of scents and various therapeutic effects. Leave the choice of contents to the handpicked selections of our in-house experts or submit a specific request of the oils you would like and we will do our best to meet your needs (based upon availability).

Find balance, relax or purify and energize, the Organic Aromas® Favorites Sample Pack allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of our most popular essential oils at the most affordable price. This beautifully packaged kit offers you the chance to experiment with mixing and combining your favorite scents and is a splendid introduction to the power and depth of the world of aromatherapy.

The pack contains: Lavender, Purity Blend, Peppermint, Organic Sweet Orange, Energy Blend and Organic Rosemary.

The dimensions of the wooden box are: 4.75 inches long (12 cm), 3.5 inches wide (9 cm), 3.25 inches high (8.25 cm)    

The diameter of the holes: 1 1/8th inch (2.75 cm)                                                                                           

Customer Reviews

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Razem z nebulizatorem tworz?? cudowny duet. Bardzo dobrze wykonane pude??eczko, cudowne zapachy w ??rodku.

Linda Owens

Love the scents.

Tamara Creggett

These essential oils are the best. The real deal.


We have really enjoyed the six different smells including the two blended essential oils of purity and energy


Love it