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lemon pure essential oil by organic aromas 10ml
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Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure Organic



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INCICitrus limon
Extraction: Cold press
Material: Peel

Benefits and Uses

• Effective deodorizer
• Helps immune system
• Good anti-microbial
• Promotes focus


Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from fresh real lemon peels and features an uplifting and bold citrus scent with purifying properties. As high as 68% of lemon essential oil is the powerful antioxidant d-limonene.

Origin And Composition

Originally a native oil of India, Lemon essential oil was brought to Europe by the crusaders during the middle ages. Lemon essential oil was given to sailors in the English royal navy to aid them in avoiding scurvy. The essential oil has a clear composition with a yellow tint reminiscent of the fresh lemon rinds it is pressed from and has a noticeably uplifting scent much like a lemon drop.

Suggested Use

Lemon essential oil has many uses, and some of the most common include a scent additive to laundry, mixed with baking soda as a teeth whitener, natural disinfectant, and added to facial cleansers.


Lemon essential oil with its zesty scent is often used in energizing blends. After cutting onions or garlic, lemon essential oil may be used on the hands to take away the scent of the skin.

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