Rose Geranium Essential Oil 100% Pure

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INCI: Pelargonium graveolens
Origin: Egypt
ExtractionSteam Distillation

Benefits and Uses
•    Cleanses the environment of odors
•    Repels insects
•    Anti-viral and anti-fungal
•    Promotes well-being
•    Soothes the skin


Often used in conjunction with other oils to augment and accentuate a calming blend, rose geranium essential oil is most well-known for its distinct astringent, hemostatic, deodorant and anti-depressant qualities. In addition, rose geranium possesses the ability to generate relaxation, calm and balance in the mind.

Origin and Composition

Perhaps used earliest by Egyptians, it is often mistaken for the flower rose. Originating in Africa, rose geranium has a mostly clear, but slightly greenish tint with a watery consistency and is distilled using steam, primarily from the stems and leaves of this woody shrub. With a subtly sweet, crisp and rosy smell, the oil has a soothing aroma that carries a slightly earthy or minty undertone.


Rose geranium essential oil has a marked effect as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and to cicatrize, or help promote healing, particularly of scars and wounds. Rose geranium essential oil also promotes healthy skin, helps relieve depression and anxiety and uplifts the spirit to reduce stress.

Third Party Laboratory Testing

2017 Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) - Lab Results

Suggested Use

For aromatherapy use. Also as a mist to deodorize or promote sedation. As a shampoo, in a lotion or in the bath to induce relaxation.

Rose geranium essential oil is great when combined with cedarwood, citronella, grapefruit, lavender, sweet orange and rosemary.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Swan
#1 Geranium oil out there!

Excellent! My favorite brand of geranium oil. I use it for pain and I love it.

Ngoc Hung Nguyen

Got 50% off, great deal for Essential Oil.


I love this oil. The scent is so great. I use it in my anti-age face serum and I love it. This is the second time I purchased this oil and bought a bigger bottle this time.

Cindy Patenaude

I love this brand for aromatherapy

Robert Voelker

I use Rose Geranium to keep the Ticks off my dogs. It works wonders without poisoning the animal even in the deepest woods and you can pet the dogs without washing your hands and they smell great. I add Lavender and Eucalyptus to control Fleas and Mosuito's. 20 drops of essential oil to a pint of water misted lightly daily.