Radiance - Nebulizing Diffuser®

$98 USD

  • The stylish diffuser comes with built-in "touch sensor" light switch that allows you to turn the LED light on or off with a simple brush of your finger whenever you wish.
  • The most effective diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently nebulizes using the Bernoulli's Principle. Perfect for aromatherapy, place in the spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or meeting area.
  • Uses No Heat or Water Maintaining the Holistic and Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Has "volume" switch to precisely control how much oil you diffuse.
  • Low energy consumption, the unit has a Usage Cycles of 2 minutes On, and 1 minute Off.  Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes. Excellent atomizing performance requires very little essential oil to saturate the air quickly. Under ideal conditions can “service” a room
    of up to 80sqm (800+ sq ft).
  • The unit measures approximately 20cm (7.5 inches) tall and 13 cm (5 inches) wide. It features soothing LED Mood Lighting. It works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with the electrical plug adapter for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc).
  • Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass diffuser makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. The unit is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Radiance is a remarkable, stylish and delicate Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser and perhaps the most charming in the Organic Aromas collection. Polished and beautiful, the exquisite rounded glass reservoir is masterfully imbued with a unique swirling design and complimented by high quality, hand-crafted imported plantation hardwood. Graceful and refined, this piece is versatile and functional and the perfect artistic complement to any interior.

Featuring stunning rainbow-coloured LED mood lighting, Radiance is a versatile, effective and therapeutic nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser that does not use heat or water. The device is clean, safe, uses very little energy and is completely quiet. This Nebulizing Diffuser® uses pure essential oil.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 349 reviews
    Amazing product and great customer service

    I am impressed by the high quality of the product, the nice scent it makes and how quiet it is! It has become my favorite relaxation and wellness tool. This is definitely the best essential oil diffuser, and they also have great customer service, I recommend their products to everyone!

    Nathalie Duval
    5 stars for the Radiance and 5 stars for Organic Aromas

    For the last five years, I've had a diffuser (oil + water) and used it every night in my bedroom. I like falling asleep with some eucalyptus or lavender oil diffused in the room. I even gave a name to my diffuser, Victor! A couple of weeks ago, it stopped working so while surfing on the web for a new one, I saw this Radiance nebulizer from Organic Aromas. Did my homework and read about the differences between a diffuser and a nebulizer. Also read about the company itself and decided to give it a try, the reviews being awesome.
    This is why I am writing one right now =)
    The diffuser is FANTASTIC! Very classy, diffuses within seconds, is SO silent and almost looks like a piece of art in the bedroom... I would also like to add that the packaging itself was a delight! The display in the box was first class...I know, this is not that important but it means the company actually cares about you having a delightful experience from start to finish!
    So if you are thinking of buying the Radiance, I highly recommend it. We named ours Victoria =)
    I would also like to say a word or two about Organic Aromas customer service. We had a little issue with the diffuser (things happen) and the team really stepped up to make us happy customers. Thanks to Sophia who kept us informed along every step and for her quick and polite responses. As I said, we are big essential oil users and the way Organic Aromas treated us makes us new loyal customers!

    Shelby Thomas
    Worth every penny

    I am so happy to have discovered this diffuser! I am surprised by how long the oils last (which will save me so much $$$, especially with expensive oils like sandalwood), at the same time being so potent! I have always used way too much oils in water diffusers and have been disappointed that they don’t spread the aroma. I want to buy one for every room in my house!

    Excellent Product

    This product is wonderful, emits a scent immediately which fills the room. The company has high integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend it and its products.

    Brooke Davidson
    Beautiful quality

    Delicate and pretty but packs a powerful essential oil punch! Quickly fills a large space within a few minutes. It’s quiet. It works great. It’s beautiful. Arrived quickly with great seller communication.