Hand-carved Dragon

$185.00 USD

  • New - Each hand-carved diffuser is now equipped with a touch-sensitive light switch! Gently swipe the small silver plate next to the power outlet to fully control the light on or off.
  • The most effective diffuser for pure essential oils on the market. Quietly atomized using Bernoulli's principle. The perfect aromatherapy is in the spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or conference area.
  • Does not use heat or water. Maintains the overall therapeutic properties of the essential oil. There is a "volume" switch to precisely control the amount of oil diffusion required.
  • The machine pump consumes very low energy.  The device has a "usage cycle" that operates 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF automatically shutting off after 120 minutes (but LED light stays on). Excellent atomization performance requires very little essential oil to quickly saturate the air. Under ideal conditions, you can "serve" an 80 square meter (800 square foot) room.
  • The device has a height of about 23 cm (9 inches) and a width of 10 cm (4 inches). It has soothing rainbow carousel LED mood lighting. It works with any power outlet (110 or 220v) and we provide a power plug adapter for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc.).
  • Exquisite and elegant hand-made wooden bases and custom hand-blown glass make the device a work of art and craftsmanship. This unit is the perfect gift for any occasion.

The Dragon is one of the most complex designs in our hand-carved collection. It is a magnificent and stunning work of art. This carving depicts an ancient dragon riding the clouds. At present, the Dragon and Unicorn Pegasus need 3 days or more to sculpt. This is definitely the longest time and the greatest effort of any of our carved units. When combined with a stylish raindrop glass reservoirs and elegant LED lighting the diffuser reflects a high degree of complexity and craftsmanship.

***Organic Aromas® hand-carved diffusers are 100% unique. Each one is different. They are 100% handmade. In some cases, individual hand-carved items may differ from the photos above***