Signature Blend

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The Organic Aromas Signature Blend is a fantastic combination of five unique and diverse pure essential oils that form to create a scent unlike anything you have ever experienced.

They are elemi, clary sage, cajeput, chamomile and bergamot.

This blend is special and was created to be different. We set out to make something that could represent us. A fragrance that would surprise you and that is totally unique. Also, that you would not likely be able to identify immediately what essential oils are in it. We knew that once you smelled it you would want to smell it again for sure! 

Customer Reviews

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Signature is the best!

I got this included when i bought a nebulizer and this is the best scent ever!

My favorite!

My absolute favorite! Smells so good!

#1. A+. Excellent. Perfect blend. So enjoyable.

#1. A+. Excellent. Perfect blend. So enjoyable. My favorite. For me. Calms. Relaxes. Heals.


Smells wonderful. Love it!


I've had many blended scents over the years (including Tisserand and the like), and Organic Aromas' Signature Blend remains the most unique and beautiful I've ever tried. I first had one three years ago (it came with my nebulizer) and I've never forgotten the scent or found anything else remotely close. However, it is very expensive - which is why it's taken me three years to buy another. I decided to treat myself to 50ml during the Black Friday sale, as it represented good value at that point. I really wish Organic Aromas' scents were slightly more reasonable as I'd definitely re-purchase this one more often and also try others. I also wish they were more accessible in the UK especially on Amazon.

For anyone thinking of buying this scent, I'd recommend it unreservedly - it's truly stunning.