Standard Shipping – We are shipping from Taiwan when we use this method. Our standard shipping option as is FREE (included in the price of your purchase) for purchases $125.00 and above. For purchases $125.00 and below we charge a standard rate of $9. This method uses the Post Office to offer fast, convenient and reliable shipping across the USA and the World. We deliver to every country in the world (expect those banned as per our postal service). A signature is required upon delivery. For North America, average time to receive your package is approximately 8 to 11 business days. For Europe and the rest of the world is approximately 9 to 12  business days.

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The Mobile-mini nebulizer is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which requires special handling precautions as it is classified as a hazardous material. We charge an additional $9 per unit in addition to standard shipping charges.

We reserve the right to ship from more than one location. Depending on the logistics of our products, we may ship them from a warehouse locally or internationally. We may ship from our product center in Taiwan or we may ship from stock held at a domestic fulfillment center as necessary or convenient.

All of our diffusers are made in our own building in Taipei, Taiwan. We have been making Nebulizing Diffusers™ for nearly 15 years. We believe we are a world-wide leader in the manufacture of this kind of device. We use only the highest quality materials and ethical manufacturing practices. We maintain a safe and healthy environment for our valued customers.

Our essential oils originate in many countries from around the world. The lavender from France, Ylang Ylang from Indonesia and Geranium from Egypt. We purchase our essential oils from a large aggregator based in the United Kingdom.

Our essential oils are tested by a third party laboratory located in Montreal Canada for any impurities or adulterants. These lab results can be found on the essential oil product pages. 

Rest assured your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Please understand that we are unable to take back any opened essential oil bottles. Essential oils are perishable and once open cannot be returned.

Our diffusers can be returned for 7 days no questions asked. However, we rely on the honor system to make sure the diffuser does not return damaged, stained, scratched or otherwise poorly treated. Once used beyond a trial the diffusers are no longer able to be re-sold at retail. So we will not be taking it back after 7 days.

We have had some customers abuse this policy in the past. Therefore, we will be enforcing it very strictly. Please initiate a return with in 7 days or you will not be allowed to return the unit.

Instead Organic Aromas® stands by its products with rock-solid after-sales warranty. Should your diffuser break or malfunction for any reason other than neglect or abuse we will repair or replace it for free for ONE year from the date of purchase. 

There is no secret that a Nebulizing Diffuser™ will use much more oil than an incomparable plastic water unit. That said there are a lot of important benefits you get from not diluting your oil with water, not burning it with a candle and not exposing it to plastic. You can enjoy the purest, strongest and most natural aroma(s) possible with our diffuser. In addition, you can get the 100% full therapeutic benefits of pure essential oil. 

After much testing we have concluded that on the LOW volume setting our Nebulizing Diffusers™ use approximately 20 to 25 drops per 90 minutes to 2 hours. This will vary with the kind and type of essential oil. About 1 milliliter per “usage cycle” give or take.

On the HIGH volume setting, the unit will use approximately double that. So you can count on about 1 milliliter per hour. We think that because the diffuser emits only pure essential oil, unless you are running a yoga class or are using it in a large retail/commercial space, you most likely only need to ever use it on the LOW setting.

Now, this may seem like a great deal, but unlike a plastic water diffuser that you must run for hours and hours, with a Nebulizing Diffuser™ once the scent reaches the desired level you should opt to turn it off. Most bedrooms, bathrooms and small offices are too small to run the diffuser longer than 30 minutes or so. The room will be just too full of scent otherwise. In these kind of situations, please turn the machine off. Later when you cannot smell the fragrance anymore, you can switch the unit right back on.

Cleaning Questions

You can use the Pipette Dropper whenever you need to clean your diffuser.

plastic pipettes
  • For General Cleaning – use the dropper to add a few millimeters of plain rubbing alcohol (70-95% purity) to the glass reservoir and swirl, swish and rinse.
  • For Partial Cleaning – put alcohol in the dropper and spurt it out in the micro-tubes directly several times to wash them.

Please note that the Pipette Droppers are NOT to be used for essential oils. The droppers are made of plastic and essential oil is corrosive to plastic.

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

The better way to keep the diffuser in top shape always and to ensure the longest product life is to give it regular cleanings. If you are using it frequently, you should clean it well at least once a week minimum.

Ideally, keep a bottle of high percentage isopropyl alcohol nearby. Approximately once a week you will want to give the glass reservoir a good rinse.

Remove the glass from the base and put it in a separate glass cup to catch any dripping. Then use the plastic cleaning pipette to squirt 3 or 4 tubes of alcohol into the micro-tubes. Afterward, give the whole glass reservoir a good swirl, gentle shake and rinse. Then discard the alcohol into a trashcan or into the sink.

Then return the glass reservoir to the base. Turn the diffuser switch on and let the remaining alcohol diffuse right out. After this, you can now add a new scent, have no trace of the previous scent and you keep the diffuser super fresh and clear of all residue.

The main issue from our customers is that they did not clean their diffusers at all until they see that it is causing a problem. If you don’t clean the diffuser at all (or not very often), invariably the oil will collect and the residue will harden and dry hence will build up and clog the tubes preventing the pump from working with the same force and effectiveness, ultimately causing the pump to degenerate.

We urge you to do a “Deep” clean about once a month. The glass is Pyrex so it can withstand boiling hot temperatures. You can soak your glass in boiling hot water for about 30 minutes to knock out all remaining residues. You can add a tiny bit of dishwashing soap for good measure. But warm water from the tap will not be enough. If your fingers can touch the water it’s not hot enough. Cleaning at least once or twice a week with alcohol as a preventive measure (if not more) and then once a month give it a nice “bath” in hot, hot water!

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

We recommend cleaning your Nebulizing Diffuser every 7 days to keep it operating in top shape always. Please visit this page for detailed cleaning instruction https://organicaromas.com/pages/how-to-clean-your-nebulizing-diffuser/

Yes, essential oils are dangerous. Actually, strictly speaking, a certified aromatherapist would recommend that you use eye and skin protection at all times when handing essential oils.

Essentials can be toxic too. They can be harmful to skin, mucous membranes and the eyes. Please be extremely cautious when using and handling essential oils. 

It is also possible to breathe too much essential oils. You will know that you have breathed too much essential oil when you get light headed, nauseous or head ache when around them. Even a whiff from the bottle could cause this so do beware. Always place your diffuser at least 6 feet away from you and opt to use it on the LOW volume setting whenever possible. When the scent level in your area has reached the desired level do consider turning the machine off.

Essential oils are very corrosive to almost anything. Including plastic, paper, fabric, wood, and paint. It will harm almost anything you put it on and in a relatively short period of time too. So be careful. Always avoid any drop of oil getting on your things. If you spill this is OK, but wipe up the oil correctly with a cloth or tissue and wipe the area down with a damp tower or something to get ALL the essential oil off.

Essential oils are dangerous to kids/children, pregnant women, the elderly and potentially pets and other animals as well. Please be prudent, use in moderation and be cautious when using essential oils around them. Always consult a professional as well. 

Essential Oils and Pets

We understand your feline friend is very important. So please understand that direct exposure to certain pure essential oils may be harmful to your kitty. 

That said, we know for a fact that many people use their Organic Aromas® Nebulizing Diffusers™ around the cats and there is absolutely no problem whatsoever. There is surely a right and a wrong way to diffuse around cats. You can go slow, be cautious and make tests. You can also keep your diffuser on low power for short times or in a room that your pet is not in or only frequents seldom. Whatever the case, we believe that at least light scent in the air is likely not a problem for most cats, but this is 100% up to you to determine.

The health and well-being if you cat is your responsibility. We will not take returns after the fact if you decide you cannot or do not want to diffuse around your cat. There is a certain due diligence you should perform prior to purchasing to discover if essential oils and your diffuser will be a problem for your cat.

Check out this important research article on Using Essential Oils Around Cats

We have customers using their diffusers at dog kennels, animal abuse shelters and at equine training centers. We know that in certain circumstances many animals have no problem with the scent of essential oils. However, this can be animal, situation and essential oil dependent.

We make no representation or warranty about the use of essential oils around pets of any kinds. This is the sole responsibility of the animal owner. It is no doubt possible to use essential oils around animals in moderation in the appropriate forms and situations without causing any harm at all. 

That said, please go slow, be cautious and use aromatherapy in a responsible way around your animals. 

Organic Aromas® will not take returns or make refunds in cases where an animal owner decides that essential oils and/or the diffuser is not right or appropriate for their animal. Please do all your due diligence prior to purchasing.


Unlike the wide variety of heated units and multitude of plastic humidifier diffusers that scatter the market today, the nebulizing diffuser works without the need to heat up the oils and without the need to add water to the diffuser. The  diffuser works by using what is known as the Bernoulli principle, a theorem of fluid dynamics that provides the best results when diffusing essential oil.

By pumping pressurized air through a small micro-tube made of glass which acts as a vacuum puling on the essential oils in a second parallel micro-tube. When the stream of air and the essential oils come in contact the oil is nebulized into the air in super-small micro droplets. The twin micro-tubes are located at the bottom of the glass reservoir. The remaining particles of essential oil return to the bottom of the diffuser creating a cycle that will repeat until the oil has been used up completely.

With this method the essential oil is not diluted by water so it is much powerful. Also, no heat is required so the chemical structure of the essential oil is not altered. In addition, because the diffuser uses glass the essential oil never comes into contact with plastic. The particles of essential oil reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits.

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

There is no need to do this. At one time, we did accept requests to remove or disable the LED lighting, but now there is no longer any need for this.

All diffusers are equipped with a new touch sensor light switch that will allow you to turn the LED light off or on as you wish with the swipe of a finger.

Why yes, absolutely. Our diffuser can work well on any voltage system from 110 to 240V. So this is basically world-wide give or take a few places.

When we ship your diffuser we will automatically place the DC electrical adapter appropriate for the wallet socket where you are located.

If you seem to experience that your diffuser is making a loud sucking, crackling or popping sound – that is normal and there’s no issue with your diffuser. It is just a simple physics at work!

When the diffuser is down to last few drops of essential oil you put in it, the little micro-tubes and the pump can sometimes make a sucking or crackling sound. This is the same sound you hear when you are drinking a soda with a straw and sucking the beverage down to the end. When the liquid level gets too low air will get into the straw and start to produce a gurgling or crackling sound. 

Just add a few drops of oil to your diffuser and the sucking sound and air bubbles will be gone.

We never stated that the diffuser is absolutely silent, but we are very confident that it is really whisper quiet. 

Actually, we use a special technique to muffle the sound coming from the internal pump. We apply a layer of sound-reducing foam to the outside of the pump like that found in a recording booth. This ensures the least amount of noise coming from the unit. To our knowledge, and we have studied this extensively, there are no other competitors using this kind of technique.

Under normal circumstances, if the diffuser is more than 2 meter / 6 feet from you and on the LOW volume setting, most likely, you cannot hear it at all. To keep the sound at its absolute lowest please follow these instructions:

  • Always place the diffuser at least 6 feet (2m) away from your body
  • Always use the diffuser on LOW volume
  • Always use the diffuser with the glass cap on
  • Always place the diffuser on a hard, thick and stable surface. If the surface the diffuser is on is hollow, thin or flimsy it is possible that micro-vibrations from the diffuser pump could actually cause the surface it is sitting on to make audible sound! So please always the unit on something solid and firm.

Technically speaking, it is possible to dilute the pure essential oil and use it in this diffuser. We don’t normally encourage that because it tends to defeat the purpose of having and using a Nebulizing Diffuser™. But, that said, it is definitely possible. 

If you have no other choice or have an oil that is extremely expensive, we suggest that you dilute with equal parts unscented grain alcohol like vodka, white rum or even gin. These all will work perfectly. We are not talking a lot here, you only need a few drops.

Just for the record, we did once successfully use a thin-ish carrier oil like Sweet Almond Oil (only) and it did work to dilute very thick benzoin to the point we could diffuse it. So you can try that. But, if you do, you will definitely have to perform a thorough cleaning right after.

All other carriers oils are definitely too thick to diffuse properly.

Yes, there are. We should caution you to definitely read the short manual that is in the diffuser box you received.

Some essential oils are too thick and heavy to diffuse in this diffuser. They are often those that are extracted from tree resin like myrrh, benzoin, cypress, clove, vetiver, and sandalwood. 

In addition, all carrier oils will also be too thick to diffuse properly. Carrier oils like jojoba, grapeseed and coconut oil are all commonly found in blends of even the largest and well known essential oil sellers. Please AVOID using any of the above oils.

If you do accidentally use one of them don’t panic. It will not break your diffuser. You just must do a complete and thorough cleaning first before using it again. 

Using the techniques in this video tutorial below can help you remove the toughest clog. 

If you just recently purchased your diffuser and it suddenly stopped working, do not worry for half a second, we absolutely stand behind our products and we got YOU covered.  

As you know, these diffusers are hand crafted to perfection with the highest grade of hard wood, and hand blown glass by master craftsmen. The Organic Aromas diffusers are very sturdy it will run for over 2000 hours at the least, but with proper maintenance, it can and it will run for over 4000 hours.

If you are encountering this problem, we are absolutely sure that this can be easily be solved and taken cared of by following our troubleshooting guide:

  • Can you hear a humming or buzzing sound?
  • Are the lights on?
  • What oils have you been using? Did you use any thick oils in the past such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Benzoin?
  • Since your purchase, have you tried any cleanings??
  • If yes, what cleanings have you tried?

If no, there is a high probability that your diffuser is not broken but your glass reservoir is clogged.  In this case, please perform the deep clean by soaking your glass reservoir in HOT boiling water, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, agitate it a bit, and leave it for 20-30 minutes to let the oil residue loose. Please understand it may take 2-3 times of deep cleaning depending on the oil residue that is causing the clog in your glass. Please refer to this video for your reference:

To make sure that your base has not diminished its capacity, can you try plugging your base, remove your glass reservoir, turn the knob to the highest level, and place your finger in the hole with a rubber ring. Can you feel any air pressure in there?

Please let us know how everything works out after trying these troubleshooting techniques. If we are lead to a conclusion that you received a faulty diffuser, or glass we will replace it. Your diffuser is under 1-year warranty and we are here to give you your money’s worth.

We’d love to hear from you, and send us an email and we are more than happy to assist you. 

This diffuser does NOT use heat or water and does NOT contain any plastic!

It diffuses only pure essential oil with no dilution. The original scent and therapeutic properties of your pure essential oils will never be altered or transmuted in any way. This diffuser uses a pump to create a differential in air pressure via tiny glass tubes which allows the essential oils to be “atomized” into micro-particles. These tiny molecules are quick to disperse throughout the air in your environment.

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

Often it takes more than one cleaning to get tough clog in your glass reservoir. It will really depend on how tough or how bad the clog is in your glass reservoir.

In our years of experience with Organic Aromas Nebulizing diffusers we’ve come up with the most effective and extensive cleanings that we guarantee to clean even the toughest clog.

The best way to prevent this is to perform the cleanings regularly rather than wait for the problem to arise. We suggest you diffuse with Isopropyl Alcohol at least once a week, and perform the deep clean at least once a month.

Go ahead and try to perform the deep clean a couple more times till you get the clog out.

Please know that as long as there is air pressure in your base, even the slightest of air it means that your base is in perfect working condition and confirms that your glass reservoir does have a clog and it might take more than one cleaning to get it off. 

You see, this is a common misconception from our customers. In fact, this isn’t a problem at all.

The visibility of the atomized particles is subject to weather, humidity, Barometric pressure, and temperature. That being said, it will not always be visible but does not mean that it is not working.

As long the scent is very potent, your diffuser is working magnificently. You may find the oils spewing on the side, and that is OK! 🙂 We have one like that working in our office and it is working tremendously well.

However, if there is not mist, and no scent at all, please perform the recommended cleanings and you should be able to get rid of any oil build up in your glass reservoir. 


Your diffuser is covered by a 12 months warranty, beginning the day your package is delivered to your door. The warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship. If you find your diffuser is not working when it first arrives or within the first one (1) year, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

This warranty does not cover clogging of the diffuser glass, malfunction due to carrier oils being used in a blend, deterioration or tearing of the rubber grommet and tubing, or other damage caused by misuse of the diffuser. Customers will be liable for shipping and/or part costs if it is determined the diffuser malfunction is due to misuse as described in these instructions.

Please be reminded to keep the warranty card in a proper location. No replacement shall be made once it is lost.

In the case the product has been properly used, but experiences normal product failure, the Company shall provide one-year free maintenance service according to regulations stated here and in the operation manual.

In the event of product failure, please provide the product, accessories and warranty card to your original retail (online) store to seek maintenance.

Organic Aromas shall NOT provide free maintenance for instances meeting the following situations (likewise for products still within the valid warranty period):

  • Malfunctions that occur after one year from the date of purchase.
  • Deliberately altering the purchase date and other information.
  • Malfunctions caused by fire, earthquake, storm, flood, pollution, disaster, war or other external factors.
  • Malfunctions caused by dropping or transportation.
  • Damage caused while operating the product, and scratches or stains caused by dirt or other factors.
  • Malfunctions caused by disassembling, modifying or repairing on your own.
  • Normal wear of LED lights, accessories and other consumables.
  • Malfunctions caused by failure to use specific essential oil as indicated.

No it will not void your warranty. You can use ANY brand of pure essential oil with our nebulizing diffuser and it will not void the one (1) year warranty. 

No it will not void your warranty. You can use ANY brand of pure essential oil with our nebulizing diffuser and it will not void the one (1) year warranty. 

To diffuse these oils we suggest mixing in a blend with other oils.

Otherwise, YES pure essential oil from any company will work perfectly fine in the diffuser.

If you have a problem with your diffuser or believe you have diffused an oil that is too thick or heavy please carryout a complete deep cleaning right away.

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

Other FAQ(s)

Definitely yes, the base is 100% real wood. It is also very heavy, thick and substantial. It is made from “Plantation Hard Wood.” You can check it out here. This is actually one of our merits and advantageous. The wood are using very high quality eco-friendly and we believe it is better quality than our competitors which use something different.

Our Organic Aromas diffuser can cover an area up to 800 square feet and this is possible!

There are clearly many factors that can have a bearing on this but broadly speaking, a large dining room, living, kitchen area that is open should be no problem for this diffuser to fill with fantastic scents. Now clearly you need to taken it consideration, ventilation, windows, vaulted ceilings, and people entering and exiting the room, but I am confident, and this has been born out by all the incredible feedback from our customers that because the unit emits only pure essential oil it should be capable of covering a large area given time. I think a conference room, a meeting hall or even a large retail store would do good to put this diffuser there as it is surely able to make it smell great.

Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

All the Organic Aromas Diffuser Line have the same internal component so their performance is substantially similar. Their only difference are in the aesthetics, i.e. color, shape, size and glass.

The Opulence model is made with a ceramic base. The Mobile-mini comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Raindrop 3.0 model comes with a MagConnect electrical cable which will disconnect from the base easily if the cable is tripped on. Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

Keep in mind the diffusers such as the Mobile Mini and the new “Rechargeable” units, contain a 5-volt pump and cover an area substantially smaller than our larger 12-volt units.

We are the inventors and creators of the Nebulizing Diffuser. We also own the trademark.

Our diffuser is very special. It does not use heat, it does not use water and it contains absolutely no plastic. It is safe, clean and healthy. We believe that it is the most effective and beautiful aromatherapy diffuser on the market. The diffuser can emit powerful aromas and diffuse them across a wide area in a very short amount of time.

With this diffuser you can experience 100% of the natural and therapeutic health benefits of your pure essential oil without any contamination, dilution or transmutation. The diffuser is hand-crafted by numerous artisans, engineers and experts. Each diffuser glass reservoir is hand-blown and wood base individually crafted to make a functional work of art.

Our diffuser is heavy, solid and substantial. It also has a built-in rainbow carousel led mood-lighting (or white led on the Exquisite) with a “touch sensor” light switch so you can turn the light on and off as you wish.

Lastly, the diffuser is high quality, durable and heavy duty. If given proper maintenance and regular cleaning the diffuser should last for years and years. Please remember we absolutely stand by our products and we are always here to support.

To address your inquiry, you can avail of promo coupons if you would join and register for our newsletter and check for our weekly giveaways. We are always sending out big monthly promos in that.

We mark every package as a “gift” and we put an exceedingly low value for the items on the customs declaration form. Typically, for a single diffuser the declared value is as low as $13 this is in case your package is flagged by customs you won’t have to pay import fees on the total retail value. 

We are required by the post office to declare an amount on the commercial invoice before sending the package.

We are unable to NOT declare a value.