Shipping Policy


Currently, due to the Covid pandemic, numerous countries world-wide have ceased to accept regular postal packages from foreign countries.

Here is the list of countries we CAN currently send packages to via regular FREE post:

  • United States
  • France
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

If your country is not listed here then the only shipping option will be to use a courier like DHL. For the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia Expedited DHL shipping costs US$17.99. For all other countries DHL shipping costs US$35.

IMPORTANT: Due to the crash in government tax receipts world-wide, Many countries’ Customs is now often charging import duties. This means that if we ship your package via DHL there is a chance that you will be charged some fee for import taxes. This is now to be expected.

****In the event, you have to pay import duties PLEASE DO NOT reject the package. If the package is refused we will be unable to refund your purchase as we will have to pay additional fees to DHL for transporting the package back to us.****

Organic Aromas offers three kinds of shipping options. They are:

1. Standard Shipping – Our standard shipping option is FREE (included in the price of your purchase) for purchases $100.00 and above. For purchases $100.00 and below we charge a standard rate of $9.00. This method uses USPS to offer fast, convenient and reliable shipping across the USA. We deliver to every country in the world (except those banned by our postal service). A signature is required upon delivery. For North America, average time to receive your package is approximately 7 to 10 business days.

For Europe and the rest of the world for purchases $100.00 and below we charge a standard rate of $17.99 and the package will arrive in approximately 8 to 11 business days.

2. Express Shipping – This is our speedy expedited courier service. For USA, Canada and UK it uses DHL international courier is $17.99 and can be expected in 3 business days. For Europe and the rest of the world we use EMS express which is a courier service similar to DHL or Fedex, but provided by our postal office. It is slightly slower but still express. For Europe and the rest of the globe, expect 4 business days maximum, but some countries may be five.

3. Special Lithium-ion Battery Shipping – The Mobile-mini nebulizer is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which requires special handling precautions as it is classified as a hazardous material. For USA and Canada, we charge $9.99 and the rest of the world we charge $35.00.

*Please be aware that currently we ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are a small business and we have established this practice to best balance performance with economics. We appreciate your kind understanding.

**Please also be aware that we do not control the shippers. We will always diligently process, package and send out your order. Still, we hope for the kind understanding of our customers as there may be certain delays from time to time on behalf of the shipper (especially around holiday or high volume periods). They have their own internal practices and procedures and they may vary. We have a lot of experience shipping, but the shipping times do vary. Please understand.

*** Please understand that we will require a signature for delivery of your package. We regret that this may cause inconvenience, but we believe it to be the best solution to protect both buyer and seller from fraud, theft and other unforeseen issues.

**** Organic Aromas is not responsible for any custom or import fees, nor will we reimburse them. 

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