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Love My Aroma

These products are so beautiful. I was thrilled that I was able to order a replacement online after I accidentially broke my glass cap. I also ordered a beautiful christmas tree. Can't wait for the Holidays!


Took a while but product is as described.

Great home scent!

Husband with a sensitive nose loves it as much as me!

Signature Blend
Angelina G
Best scent ever!!

This essential oil was a hit amongst all of my friends and family! It's a unique blend that I could only describe as "herbal bubblegum". So sweet and refreshing. The package was intact and everything was tightly sealed. 10/10 would recommend buying!

Did not like

I wanted to love this oil, but was so disappointed that it smelled nothing like Bergamot. It had too much of perfume smell for me. Will send it back.

Glass Cap Replacement
Tiffany Ransom
Never received it

I never received the order, but because there was a pic of it on my porch, the company will not replace it. Super disappointed to have to spend another $21 for a glass cap.

Works well but.....

I like the nebulizer itself. It's quiet and efficient and I like that the light can be turned off. However the essential oil I ordered (bergamot) smells nothing like bergamot. It's way too perfumey. I got a headache from breathing it in. I will be looking for an oil with a lighter scent.

Wrong order

I never got this... they didn't send this to me

Works Great

We have loved using this diffuser! I looks beautiful in our house and has done a great job. We love that there is no plastic!


I've tried lots of diffusers and none of them can compete with the ease, elegance, and strength of this nebulizer. It really disperses the EO evenly through out a space. People always comment on my house smelling great as they walk in. Can't live without it!

Perfect replacement

As described and just as the original part

Did not receive part of order

I bought rosemary oil and a diffuser. I got the wrong oil and a diffusor

Ideal high quality portable nebulizer

Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser is a high quality devise ideal for any environment and eazy to pack in your bag.
All the glass components are easy to order and replaced. Very highly recommended device.

Amazing service!

I broke my original glass reservoir, so I placed an order for two more. After the order was completed, I saw they were shipping from Taiwan. I though, "Oh boy, they won't be here for a month!" Well, was I wrong! They arrived within about a week, two of exactly what I ordered and packaged very well for travel. I have only opened one so far, but it works perfectly and I am a happy camper!
Excellent company! Thank you!

Harmony Blend
Paula Jones

Not fulfilled until yesterday

Meditation Blend
Paula Jones
I've not received a thing

Kinda hard to review when I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY PACKAGE

Not here yet

I have not received my order yet. My email to Organic Aromas to inquire about my order status has not been answered. My rating is zero stars!


The best diffuser ever!!!
Love love love it!! Thank you ????

Glass Oil Pipettes
Joshua Pekler

Glass Oil Pipettes


I sent the the Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection to a friend as a birthday present, together with the Raindrop – Nebulizing Diffuser in black wood, and she absolutely loved them both! She loved the design of the diffuser, which matches her home decor, and has said it's really good and is very happy with it! She uses the diffuser in her bedroom to help her sleep at night. I have to admit I did quite a bit of searching on the web before choosing the Organic Aromas diffuser and essential oils. I wanted it to be really special. Plus, organic, high quality and taking care of our environment/world are especially important to me. I trusted the reviews I read, and wasn't mistaken! Thank you Organic Aromas for a beautiful present that gave joy and happiness. Best wishes for the continued success of your company, well deserved!


I did extensive research on diffusing essential oils and finally decided on Raindrop - Nebulizing Diffuser. I use it for 15 minutes every other day and my home smells heavenly. Guests arrive and comment on how wonderful my home smells. I purchased Peace for my essential oil. Worth every single penny!! Received about 2 weeks after ordering.

The Discovery Collection
Robert Odonnell

I do not like the blends. Particularly, one called Purity which smells like lemon pledge! I'm expecting something else to emulate febreze next, not what I was looking for. Considering the large number to choose from, I'm disappointed in the overall selection. While the brand is called organic aromas, only about a third of them are organic.

Radiance - Nebulizing Diffuser®


I am very happy with my purchase! Arrived to Minnesota in less than two weeks.

Nice product, but too small, couldn't use.

It was nice but it was way too small for my unit. Maybe I'll try to place another order for the correct size. Beautiful product though. Thank you!

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