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Why are you asking me to review something I haven't received yet?

I just got this email prompting me to review the product from an order that it claims was fulfilled "14 days ago". I only placed the order 11 days ago. I haven't received the item yet (not a complaint, it's probably just still in transit).

This isn't the first sloppyness on Organic Aroma's part I've experienced while trying to get this order. I had an error during checkout causing it to say my loyalty points expired before their stated expiration date. To their credit, customer service was helpful in correcting this error, so that's a positive...but between that error and the bungled timeline of this survey prompt, it not only looks bad, it makes me concerned there could be further errors that may cause me to not receive the package, while on OA's end maybe they think I've already received it. Is that why they sent this email saying they fulfilled my order 14 days ago??
Ultimately, I can forgive the sloppy look as long as it doesn't affect my getting what I paid for. I guess I'll just wait and find out.


And fast.

Haven’t received it.

Haven’t received it.

Happy customer!

The product seems high quality. I love how well it was packaged. Everything was clearly labeled and the instructions were direct and easy to follow. I wasn't expecting it to come with a free 5ml bottle of oil so that was a bonus. It really does recharge and run while wireless which is my favorite part (it's easy to bring from room to room). I'm happy with my purchase.

So fast !

Always have great products, used to take a little bit longer for shipping but I was shocked how fast it came. Great company that fixed my old diffuser and always answers any ?s

Great size!

I love the size, it fits perfectly in my cup holder. I use this in my truck so small was ideal. I will say the smell is a little underwhelming. Could be the essential oil I used but I just don't get that strong smell I was hoping for. That doesn't mean it's not a good product! I will try some other oils to see what works best for me in just disappointed in the smell output even on the highest setting. I will also mention the air pump sound could be much for some people although I don't really mind it. If you have the money give it a try for yourself, but there might be cheaper diffuser (not nebulizer) options that may offer a stronger aroma.

Better than the original glass reservoir

The replacement glass reservoir I purchase from Organic Aromas is working better than the original reservoir. Also I received the shipment very quickly. Thank you.

Replacement Glass Reservoir Set

Loving it,

It is what it is said to be.
You get what you see.
The noise of the diffuser is really inconspicuous.
It came with a small bottle of Lemon essential oil, which is very much appreciated.

didn't like the smell


Not only is it beautiful, but works really well.

Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser

Formosa Blend
Anna Hart
Formosa Blend - my favorite

I love the smell of the Formosa blend. As a massage therapist, I use it in my massage oils. I also made rendered deer fat sented candles with it and love using it in my nebulizer when I do my yoga in the mornings.

Signature Blend

Best smell blend ever. repurchased during black Friday.

Jubilation Blend
Lisa McDavid
Wonderful fresh scent!

Delightful, fresh, invigorating scent.

Great Fragrance

This is our go-to fragrance. Slightly spicy and makes the house smell great!

Passion Blend
Nancy G
I Don’t Like This Blend

I thought I would like this blend after reading the ingredients. I even bought a larger size. Big mistake. Very pungent and gave us all a headache.

Comment on shipping only. This is a gift so unable to comment on product.

Ordered the diffuser and several oils to be split between the gift receiver and myself. Unfortunately, the oils were enclosed within the shrink wrapped box of the diffuser. I had to cut open the wrap in order to remove and separate the oils . . . kinda spoiled the presentation for gift-giving. 🙁

Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser

Received this fairly quick. A bit shocked by the size first, not that mini. However, when I started to use it, it is really convenient. I like the feature of auto shut down within 2 hours. Only thing is the sound a bit loud, however, does not bother me as I moved to another table. Really love this diffuser.

Glass reservoir too fragile

I love these diffusers and the round glass ball reservoir. Unfortunately the first one I received was broken upon delivery. Replaced easily, good customer service. Now it broke while cleaning. I have another style reservoir with slightly thicker glass. I wish this style held up better.

Don’t buy one. Buy TWO!

Wow! 10/10 - In todays world of cheap parts and shoddy craftsmanship most of my package openings end in disappointment. Here, Organic Aromas has under-promised and over-delivered. I knew this as soon as I opened the box. Everything was thoughtfully packaged, and the heft of the diffuser spoke to its quality. This isn’t one of those $29 plastic machines with the LED lights that morph into different colors. This is a very attractive, yet unassuming little worker who quietly and faithfully does his job.
I can barely hear it and it diffuses better than any other machine I have seen to this point.
I can not think of a single negative thing to say about it, which I hope doesn’t come across as biased. This is an amazing value at its current price point. My advice is this: Dont but one. Buy two. You’ll love it that much.

Great Customer Service

Signature Blend
Mireille Dupont

Signature Blend

Car Diffuser
Jered Seivenpiper
Car diffuser still not arrived

I have to give this a 1 star as of right now because it’s been 14 days and I still haven’t received it yet. As far as I can see, it’s still in Asia