How Does the Nebulizing Diffuser® Work

How Does the Nebulizing Diffuser Work?

The nebulizing diffuser is the best tool for essential oil aromatherapy. Unlike the wide variety of heated units and multitude of plastic, humidifier diffusers that litter the market today, the Nebulizing Diffuser® works without the need to heat up the oils and without the need to add water to the diffuser. It uses what is known as the Bernoullis principle, a theorem of fluid dynamics that provides the best results when diffusing pure essential oil. Here are the basics of the process.
How does the nebulizing diffuser work? 

  1. When an air current is forced through a small tube, the velocity is increased while the pressure at the exit point is reduced.
  2. That difference in pressure creates a kind of suction that causes the essential oils within a separate glass tube to rise upwards.
  3. As the essential oil rises, a stream of pressurized air hits the essential oil and causes it to atomize into micro particles that fill the glass reservoir.
  4. Once in the glass reservoir, those tiny particles rise up and are emitted out of the glass cap in a (water-less) mist that is released into the local environment.
  5. The remaining particles of essential oil return to the bottom of the diffuser creating a cycle that will repeat until the oil has been used up completely. With this method the essential oil is not diluted by water so it is much more powerful.

Also, no heat is required so the chemical structure of the essential oil is not altered. In addition, because the diffuser uses glass the essential oil never comes into contact with plastic. The particles of essential oil reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits.

The Nebulizing Diffuser Operational Diagram

How a Nebulizing Diffuser Works

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The Differences Between The Nebulizing Diffuser And Other Oil Diffusers
Compared to some of the other types of diffusers out there today, the Nebulizing Diffuser simply makes more sense. Not only is it beautiful and effective, it is clean, safe and quiet! Consider some of the other options available:

Traditional Essential Oil Diffusers
Ultrasonic diffusers use water to carry the essential oils into the air. Not only can the oils eventually damage the plastic diffuser, but the water means that your home is filled with added humidity! Also, the scent emitted is weaker because it is diluted by water.

Oil lamps are messy and dangerous, working almost like a kerosene lamp that burns flammable chemicals and completely changes their molecular makeup. Sure, it smells nice, but that’s about it. And it’s far more dangerous.

Candle diffusers work similarly, and are the more common option used today. But they still use heat, which means that your essential oils are diminished in quality thanks to the burning that causes changes in the oil on a molecular level.
Aroma heaters use heating elements to gradually evaporate a mixture of oil and/or water. It works, but is far less effective, works for a shorter period and creates a weaker aroma.

The Nebulizing Diffuser works without heat or moisture. This means that your oils are released into the air in their purest form and that you have the safest method of diffusing available. No heat, no added water, no plastic. Just powerful, pure essential oils and professional-grade aromatherapy!


The Main Benefits of the Nebulizing Diffuser

The design of the nebulizing diffuser means that you get to enjoy the most from your essential oils. It is important to take advantage of the distinct benefits that our diffuser offers. Consider some of the benefits this diffuser has over other products on the market:

Elegance Nebulizing Diffuser

  • Completely safe to use with no heat utilized in the diffusing process.
    Provides complete and widespread dispersal of essential oils over large area.
  • Extremely quiet so it doesn’t disrupt work, play, or sleep – it only enhances it
  • Does not contain plastic, will not off-gas, completely non-toxic.
    Essential oil is not diluted, which means you get only powerful, pure aroma.
  • High quality and reliable, will last for years.
  • Delivers the complete therapeutic value of essential oils to you.
  • Doesn’t add moisture or humidity to the air in your home.
  • Uses a miniscule amount of electricity.

The above image is the Elegance Nebulizing Diffuser.

In short, you get all of the benefits that people talk about when discussing essential oils and essential oil blends but without any of the risks or hassles that other methods of diffusing can bring. It’s perfect for your home or as a gift that someone will love.

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