How to Clean Your Nebulizing Diffuser®

cleaning your nebulizing diffuser

Care and Maintenance of Your Nebulizing Diffuser®

We recommend cleaning the glass reservoir on your nebulizing diffuser every seven days or so to keep it performing in top shape always. If you wish to switch between single scented essential oils it’s good to give the glass reservoir a quick rinse with isopropyl alcohol if you do not wish to mix the scents. 

One important thing to mention is a nebulizing diffuser does NOT work with thicker essential oils as they will cause a blockage or a clog in the micro-tubes. 

It’s also important to note that if you are planning on not use your nebulizing diffuser for some time you will want to clean any essential oil out of the glass reservoir to avoid the oil from drying inside the reservoir and/or the micro-tubes.  

General Cleaning

  • Remove the glass reservoir from the base of the diffuser.
  • Use the plastic cleaning pipette to add a few milliliters of high percentage isopropyl alcohol (70-95% purity) to the glass reservoir.
  • Use your thumb to cover the top of the reservoir and swirl the alcohol really well even giving it a few good shakes. 
  • Discard the alcohol safely in the waste paper bin
  • Add a few more milliliters of alcohol to the glass reservoir.
  • Use the cleaning pipette to blast the micro-tubes with a a bit of force to clear away any oil residue or build-up. Do this 5 – 6 times.
  • Discard the excess alcohol safely and wipe the outside of the glass clean.
  • When the diffuser is dry the cleaning is done.
cleaning the micro-tubes

Watch the Video on How to Clean Your Glass Reservoir

Deep Cleaning

If you find yourself with a really nasty clog that can not be cleaned using the general cleaning method with alcohol then we recommend giving your glass reservoir a deep cleaning. 

  • Put on some dish washing gloves to protect your hands.
  • Prepare a container with boiling hot water (about 80 to 90C or 170 to 190F). CAREFUL!
  • Add a small amount of mild liquid dish soap and place the glass reservoir in the container with the mixture.
  • The combination of the hot water and soap will act to remove any staining, oil residue or any blockages that may have occurred.
  • You may add more hot water periodically to achieve a more effective cleanse.
  • Soak in the detergent and hot water for at least thirty minutes.
  • Take your glass reservoir out and gently wash with regular tap water. Then set the unit in a safe place to dry.
  • Once the glass reservoir is dry your cleanup is done!


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