About Us

About Us

Organic Aromas was established by a group of passionate, experienced engineers, artists and business professionals with the primary goal of creating the world’s best method for diffusing pure, organic essential oil.

Organic Aromas is dedicated to developing and promoting the most effective, safest and most beautiful instrument for disseminating, applying and enjoying the fabulous aromas and true health benefits found deep within pure essential oils.

We realized that there are far too many people using either relatively ineffective or wasteful methods to disseminate essential oils, such as evaporation, or even worse, ways in which the oils themselves are either altered, diluted or contaminated, such as those that use heat, require the addition of water or allow the oils to come in contact with harmful materials like plastic.

So we went to work to find the solution. Over the past eight years, we perfected our methods, optimized the mechanics and added upgrades. We assimilated experts from different fields to construct the greatest tool for aromatherapy in the world. Technologists, craftsmen and designers cooperate together to make the most powerful, fastest and most pleasing way to experience the fantastic scent and the real therapeutic values contained within pure essential oils there is.

Organic Aromas was founded on the principles of hard work, innovation and the genuine care for the well-being of our customers. We seek to offer the best, most high quality products and support them with great after-sales customer service. We practice strict quality control methods and employ comprehensive testing procedures on both our diffusers and our essential oils in order to guarantee a top-notch customer experience.

Organic Aromas recognizes the need for integrity, consistency and honesty in everything we do and is committed to going the extra mile to make people happy and satisfied. We possess a corporate culture steeped in strong business ethics, ongoing improvement and the undying desire to help improve the life of others in a significant, important and sustained way. Organic Aromas is doing good business for everyone and for the long term. A tireless pursuit of excellence, conscience and always doing the right thing is what our company is all about.