Pine Essential Oil 100% Pure

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INCI: Pinus Sylvestris
Origin: Hungary
Extraction: Steam
Material: Twig/Needle

Benefits and Uses

• Aids in circulation
• Cleanser
• Can repel insects
• Energizes, refreshes


Pine essential oil is extracted using steaming on the pine needles of the Pinus Nigra tree. The oil has a strong and fresh evergreen scent that some may describe as dry.

Origin And Composition

The needles used to create pine essential oil are harvested in Austria, and the oil is composed of monoterpene hydrocarbons, a-pinene, 3-carene, and monoterpenes bornyl acetate.

Suggested Use

Pine essential oil can be added into a blend with other oils to create a natural home cleaning spray, it can also be inhaled through a diffuser or steam for an energizing effect, added into laundry, or in natural insect repellent blends.

Third Party Laboratory Testing

2019 Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) - Lab Results


Pine essential oil has a scent known to energize and refresh the body, and can be diffused or dropped into laundry or the bath for a fresh deodorizer. The oil may also be used in the summertime to repel insects.

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