Aroma - A Game of Essence

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What is Aroma?

The Aroma™ board game by Organic Aromas is a one-of-a-kind journey into the heart of the world of essential oils. With 4 incredible ways to play, the goal is to test your knowledge and your nose! The game comes complete with 20 different all-natural essential oils for you to challenge your sense of smell. Divided into four different categories, the essential oils are steam extracted from plants, trees, flowers, and fruits. Locate and bring your oils home in “Collect” or use your olfactory prowess to strategically eliminate your opponents in “Survive”. You’ll need to use quick wits, a bluff or even trickery as it will take more than just a keen sense of smell to win at this game.


Includes 20 Different Natural Essential Oils





Lavender Bergamot Cedarwood Peppermint
Marigold Lemon Frankincense Eucalyptus
Rose Geranium Orange Pine Marjoram
Ylang Ylang Lime Elemi Tea Tree
Clary Sage Grapefruit Cypress  Rosemary

**** (blended with carrier oils jojoba and avocado)
****The Oils in the Aroma game are All-natural, Steam-distilled but NOT for use in your Nebulizing Diffuser

How to Play

1. Discover

Identify your five aromas faster than your opponents. Be careful, there is a second way to win. 

2. Survive

Eliminate players by naming all of their aromas. Be the last standing to be crowned the sole survivor.

3. Revolve

Smell and pass the oils around. Identify the most aromas under pressure and you will be victorious. 

4. Collect

Find all the aromas that belong in your category. Once you bring them home, you win the game. 

Aromas Rulebook

Download a digital copy Here

Print your the rulebook Here

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