Clary Sage Roll-on Essential Oil




Essential Oil: 5% Clary Sage Essential Oil
Diluted With: 95% Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheatgerm Oil
Size: 10ml Amber Colored Glass Bottles with Stainless Steel Rollerballs

INCI: Salvia sclarea
Origin: Hungary
Extraction: Steam Distillation

Benefits and Uses of Clary Sage

  • An excellent sedative
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Manages inflammation
  • Beautiful warm aroma


Clary sage roll-on essential oil rollerball is rich in many therapeutic properties. From improving circulation to reducing inflammation, this roll-on is indeed helpful. The oil has an uplifting sedative scent bound to calm your nerves. If you are looking for that quick burst of energy and morale, this is the product for you.

Native to China, this oil resembles lavender and comes with an alluring sweet scent that delivers all the aromatherapy benefits.

Essential Oil Roll-On Application

Apply pure clary sage essential oil roll-on to areas where you are inflamed to reduce discomfort. For stress and anxiety relief, apply on the temples and behind the neck or ears. Other great points to use this oil are the wrists, abdomen and chest. Use circular motion to massage the oil and apply every 4 hours as needed for best results. If you have a clary sage oil allergy, choose a suitable Organic Aromas roll-on and enjoy the merits.

Caution and Warning

If you are not new to using essential oils, you are most likely aware that proper caution is the key to safety. Undiluted oils should never be applied on skin. Children below the age of 5 years should also not use this product. When applying, stay away from mucus membranes to avoid burning and irritation.

If you are allergic to an oil, avoid it and use an alternative. In case of irritation, use plenty of cold water to flush affected areas before seeking medical help.

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