Essential Oil Blending Lab Kit



The Essential Oil Blending Labs Kit contains everything you need to take your aromatherapy expertise to the next level. With this handy toolkit you will be able to use your favorite essential oils and make your own blends and mixtures for a wide variety of applications. Experiment, develop and produce incredible recipes for customized usages!


  • Lead and BPA free, this bespoke collection of all-glass scientific tools can help you raise your aromatherapy game to new heights.
  • Easily and conveniently carry this handsome and sturdy container with you wherever you go
  • Develop a myriad of useful items with skill and precision in a matter of minutes, including DIY cleaners, yoga mat sprays, natural beauty products and much, much more!
  • A wonderful, unique gift and a must-have for any licensed aromatherapist, hobbyist or essential oil enthusiast.
  • There are no liquids in this kit. All bottles are empty.

What’s Included?

1 x Glass Graduated Measuring Cylinder
1 x Glass Funnel
1 x Glass Stirring Rod
1 x Glass Dropper
4 x 10ml Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles
4 x 10ml Amber Glass Stainless Steel Roller Bottles
4 x 10ml Amber Glass Spray Bottles
1 x Sheet of Labeling Stickers
1 x Orifice Inhibitor Remover

Be an alchemist and mix extraordinary new blended scents in the essential oil bottles. Combine your favorite aromas with carrier oils in the glass roller bottles and pop them in your purse or bag for an on-the-go aromatherapy massage. Use the spray bottles to create recipes for naturally moisturizing body mists, linen and closet sprays, air fresheners and more!

The Lab Kit is contained in this attractive, sturdy box for ultimate convenience and easy storage. Bring this complete collection of useful aromatherapy tools with you wherever you go and have your favorite essential oil treatment or applications always right there when you need it!

The most comprehensive essential oil blending tool kit on the market. You will not find a more useful, quality, and complete all-in-one style solution for accurately and efficiently creating all kinds of aromatherapy blends, formulas, remedies, products and applications.

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Raafat Barsoum
It was very good

It was very quick to have it