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  • Great for Meditation
  • Encourages Balance
  • Antioxidant and Antiseptic
  • Inspiring Aromatic Formula

The Formosa blend is rich, profound and thought provoking. This special creation includes two often overlooked essential oils — rare Hinoki, known for its energizing benefits, and sweet, woody Amyris, known for its mood-enhancing benefits.  Tea Tree, Rosemary, Aloeswood & Tangerine also bring similar mental enhancing benefits to this alluring essential oil blend.  You’ll love the beauty that emits from every whiff of this exotic essential oil blend.

Essential Oils Used

Hinoki, Amyris, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Tangerine, Aloeswood

Customer Reviews

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Jenny S.

Love this aroma ?�? it brings the great outdoors inside with cedar, pine, and grassy scents!

Melissa Dooley

This is the sample that came with my diffuser. I also got the set of 12 oils and although I am thrilled with all of them, this one is really special! It is complex and completely unique. I love to put it on while listening to world music and creating art. It evokes the perfect mood of mystery and beauty. I think it would be perfect for meditating or reading as well. I highly recommend this oil. I have already ordered some more OA blends and now I seem to have filled my cart again. Oh dear! ;)