Replacement Glass Reservoir Set

$22 USD

  • Tough, heat-strengthened pyrex glass
  • Collect more than one replacement glass set for a new and different look each time
  • Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol; for tough clogs and stains please soak in boiling hot water
  • Not all replacement glass sets are interchangeable with our Organic Aromas® models. Some of the bases can be interchanged, if you have any questions please email us at

There may be a time when you are feeling a bit spontaneous and you would prefer a different look for your Organic Aromas® essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. A replacement glass reservoir top can also alter your style and create a special atmosphere.

Also, in the case of life's little accidents there is always a replacement glass reservoir top whenever you need it.



Customer Reviews

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Excellent service

I have two Raindrop diffusers and I’ve lost the power cord and broke one of the glass portion of the diffuser. I am so thankful they sell replacements parts at affordable prices!! It’s a great service to provide customers.


I was glad to find out,that they sell the parts of the product separately, the product arrived quickly (ordered in Germany)


I dropped my reservoir glass because I'm clumsy and needed a replacement. This arrived quickly and was packaged securely.

Paula Murray
Where is my package???

Never received my package????? Please let me know where this is at????

Paula Murray


The little glass part in the middle of the glass reservoir where the mist comes out of is fragile. I accidentally knocked the whole nebulizer over and that little glass part snapped, rendering it unusable, so I had to buy a whole new glass reservoir set. So just be careful of that.

It would've been great if they sold just the replacement glass reservoir excluding the glass cap as I only needed the former. So now I have two glass caps.

Other than that, my nebulizer works as normal now. It's just like new.