The Discovery Collection



  • The most comprehensive “sampler” product on the entire market
  • Try 40 different single and organic pure essential oils and their blends
  • Share, learn and expand your experience with this one-of-a-kind collection
  • Each vial contains 2 milliliters of pure essential oil
  • Give it as the perfect gift or indulge and savor each aroma yourself

Totally enrich and enlighten your understanding of aromatherapy with this unique creation found nowhere else. Easily and conveniently expand your range and increase your knowledge of pure essential oils with this complete, specialty box set.

The Discovery Collection is the perfect way to indulge your curiosity about essential oils. Tantalize your senses with forty different pure essential oils and their blends. With this remarkable collection Organic Aromas once again raises the bar in the essential oil industry.

Make your own custom creations, share with your friends and build your aromatherapy repertoire. Shed light on your personal taste and preferences, by exploring dozens of different aromas all elegantly packed into one beautiful package.

This exclusive set was specially designed to make learning about aromatherapy simple and enjoyable. No other product on the market allows you to sample such a wide variety of pure essential oil so well.

Try all sixteen of Organic Aromas® proprietary blends, fourteen single oils and ten certified organic pure essential oils. The lovely two milliliter vials allow you to experience each individual aroma for up to four hours in one of our Nebulizing Diffusers®. Experiment and enjoy a rich spectrum of fragrances without hassle and at a reasonable price. Get to experience virtually the entire spectrum of scents without wasting money, oil or your precious time.

Such a bespoke collection of hand-picked aromas allows you to find exactly what you want quickly and easily without worry or unnecessary expense. Nothing else on the market compares to The Discovery Collection by Organic Aromas®.

This Collection includes 2ml of each of the following (alphabetically), bergamot, burglars blend, butterflies breath, celebration, cinnamon, citronella, clary sage, elemi, energy, eucalyptus, formosa, frankincense, grapefruit. harmony, jubilation, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, marjoram, meditation, morning bloom, ocean breeze, pacific northwest, passion, peppermint, pine, purity, rose geranium, rosemary, serenity, signature blend, spearmint, sweet basil, sweet ginger, sweet orange, tea tree, welcome home, chamomile, ylang ylang.

These 40 are comprised of the following:

Organic Oils: Lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, peppermint, ylang ylang, grapefruit, rosemary, tea tree, lemon, bergamot

Single Essential Oils: Cinnamon, citronella, clary sage, elemi, frankincense, marjoram, pine, rose geranium, spearmint, sweet basil, sweet ginger, chamomile, lime, juniper

Blends: Burglars, Energy, Purity, Passion, Signature, Serenity, Butterflies Breath, Celebration, Formosa, Harmony, Jubilation, Meditation, Morning Bloom, Ocean Breeze, Pacific Northwest, Welcome Home

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Robert Odonnell

I do not like the blends. Particularly, one called Purity which smells like lemon pledge! I'm expecting something else to emulate febreze next, not what I was looking for. Considering the large number to choose from, I'm disappointed in the overall selection. While the brand is called organic aromas, only about a third of them are organic.

Marzena B??hm


Tiffany Huerta

This is perfect if you?�?re new to essential oils. It?�?s a great size to sample out all the oil scents and benefits to find exactly what you like and what you need.

Marzena B??Hm Böhm


Tiffany Huerta

This is perfect if you?????re new to essential oils. It?????s a great size to sample out all the oil scents and benefits to find exactly what you like and what you need.