Hand-Carved Unicorn Pegasus

$195 USD

  • This carved unit took took a single artisan at least 3 full days to complete
  • Quickly disseminate heavy fragrance throughout a large area in a short time
  • Works on 110-220v power systems, comes with the wall plug for your market
  • Impressive and valuable, there are only a handful of Unicorn Pegasus carvings in the entire world

Perhaps the best and most intricate hand-carved diffuser yet, the Unicorn Pegasus is an absolute masterpiece. The depth and detail of this work of art is astounding. A true collectors' item, this extraordinary carved sculpture takes Organic Aromas creativity to an all new level.

The mythological unicorn pegasus is a legendary addition to our repertoire of incredible hand-made nebulizing diffusers®. With only a few in existence this item is extremely special and rare. 

Enjoy the powerful, pure aromas emitted by this beautiful machine while also making a statement with this exceptional artwork. Diffuse your essential oils in style with this one of a kind creation.

This Raindrop nebulizing diffuser emits strong scent across a wide area in minutes. The machine is equipped with a touch-sensor light switch.

***Each hand-carved diffuser is completely and utterly unique and no two are alike. Therefore, there could be some differences in each carving please be aware.***