Essential Oils Helped Clear My Allergies Interview With Valery

Essential Oils Helped Clear My Allergies! Interview with Valery

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We recently received feedback from a customer whose name is Valery. She was suffering from severe allergies until she tried a nebulizing diffuser from Organic Aromas.  We wanted to learn more about Valery was experiencing and how our products were being used to help. Below is the email we received followed by a short interview with Valery.

Email from Valery

“I was very happy to receive the nebulizing diffuser. I have severe allergies caused by my air-conditioning that I need to use during the extreme heat of summer. My old diffuser which used water created a lot of mold in my house so I decided to try a nebulizer to see if it would help. Oh did it ever. I haven’t sneezed since I got this and I’m crying writing this email because I have tried everything and I am overjoyed to receive this gem of a diffuser. Your product has helped me tremendously thank you.”

Using a Nebulizing Diffuser to Clear Away Allergies

Organic Aromas: What triggers your allergic reaction?

Valery: Basically I have allergies to different variations of mold. They are aspergillus, alternaria, smut mix/stemphylium and mucor.  Mucor and Aspergillus are allergenic molds found in and around AC units, heating and HVAC systems. There is really not much that you can do about it other than not use these devices which are impossible in most situations.  One option is to clean the filters daily and/or change them more frequently which is time consuming and costly. Tea tree essential oil diffused in a nebulizing diffuser kills allergens almost instantly. This is exactly what I need in my life and I am glad i discovered Organic Aromas.

Organic Aromas:  What are the symptoms of the allergies you experience?

Valery: Where do I begin? My allergies consist of everything from non-stop sneezing to coughing and full congestion. My eyes tear up with water and feel itchy. My throat can sometimes become scratchy. The main thing is really the sneezing. Imagine waking every morning to four sneezes and then being congested for the rest of the day. Not fun.

Organic Aromas: Have you tried using prescription medication in the past? If yes, did it work?

Valery: Yes I have, I have tries all kinds of stuff you can buy at the pharmacy. From pills to nasal sprays I’ve tried it all. My next step was to get what the allergist suggested which was a shot in the arm once a week for up to a year to cope with my allergies. I did a lot of research on this procedure and found all you’re doing is injecting toxins into your body. Basically, poisoning the body in order to feel better. I didn’t want to live with prescription medications causing my body underlying damage so I chose not to go that route and instead looked at a natural, less harmful way.  

Organic Aromas: You mentioned you tried diffusing essential oils before. Why was this unsuccessful?

Valery: Yes!! I lived off of ultrasonic diffusers. There is more than one issue i found with that. Main issue if you are using quality essentials oils is because you need water to make it diffuse you are essentially watering down the oil. Making it not as powerful and strong which intern cancels out how effective an essential oil can be. My other issue is that since my allergies were from the “mold” family; how does mold live/thrive? In moist and damp conditions of course. So when using an ultrasonic diffuser I was adding to my problem rather than helping it. As well as the fact that all those diffusers are made out of plastic. I don’t think i need to go into detail of how bad plastic is for you. Also within time the oils will end up damaging the diffuser so you’re left with having to purchase another one.

Organic Aromas: Which essential oils do you find helpful?

Valery: I cannot live without tea tree essential oil. This is what basically saved me and might I add in minutes! Not only does it open up your airways to breathe and take away all the congestion but it has properties that can actually kill mold spores in the air. This was a life saver. For night time I use tea tree essential oil blended with a little bit of lavender to help me snooze. I have also tried basil and peppermint which helped.

Diffusing Essential Oils for Allergies

Organic Aromas: How often do you diffuse throughout the day? How many drops of oil do you use?

Valery: Honestly more often than I need too. Lol! I love the smell so I tend to overdo it. I also use essential oils for other aspects of life. When it comes to helping my allergies, I just use my diffuser at night before i go to bed. I would use about 30-40 drops and keep it on the low setting. It’s powerful enough that in 15 mins my bedroom is filled with scent and I end up having oil left over the next day.

Organic Aromas: Do you diffuse essential oils to help in other areas of your life?

Valery: Yes, do I ever. When I have a cold or flu eucalyptus essential oil is my go to. When I cook fish or make tuna sandwiches, which smells up the place, I use a lemon basil mixture. When my fiancé gets a headache/migraine I like to use a peppermint, basil lavender eucalyptus mixture. When i have people coming over I use a cinnamon, orange mixture. When I say mixture, I mean I use the essential oils that I’ve listed and measure out equal portions. Basically I use my nebulizer a lot. But when it comes to allergies, that is where this product speaks volumes. 

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Essential Oils Helped Clear My Allergies! Interview with Valery


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  1. I have been reading about the benefits of diffusing essential oils to clear the air we breathe from pathogens and I am thankful I stumbled upon this one.
    I look forward to hopefully try it soon for myself and family too.

  2. Reading your blog about this ‘Organic Aromas’ enticed me to try it. Since it is ‘Organic’ then I know that it is healthy and ‘Aromas’ means I am breathing healthy stuff and I want my whole family to be benefited with it too. It is good to know that there are lots of oil blends to do with this kit as it will really address headaches, allergies, colds and flu, it relaxes, it will make your home smells good, and many more. I want to be an oily girl too, using organic stuff for health and wellness.

  3. We are using oil diffuser but this Organic Aromas is very different. I know it is healthier and it is the holistic approach to let my family breath healthy air and of course be in tip top shape all the time. I am excited to won one, too!

  4. my husband suffers terribly during the summer with allergies but id never thought of trying anything like this. Its something im certainly going to look into now 🙂

  5. I absolutely agree, how essential oils can make a huge difference with all kinds of allergies. With all the artificial chemicals in air fresheners out there. awesome for pets, too!

  6. I love this info. Gotta get a diffuser for my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom, closed school here last year, and my 9th grade granddaughter’s bedroom!!! Alabama, home if pollen and allergies!!! Ugh!!!

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