3 Ways to Clean a Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser


Congratulations on your recent purchase of an
Organic Aromas nebulizing essential oil diffuser.
This unique device is not just beautiful and quiet,
but very powerful as well!

Before you get started diffusing fantastic
aromas throughout your home, spa or office,
please note that it is very important to know how
to properly clean and maintain your essential oil
diffuser in order to get the very best results.


If you are using your essential oil diffuser daily, then you should do a general cleaning
every seven days.
  1. Use the dropper to add a few milliliters
    of plain rubbing alcohol (70-95% purity)
    to the glass reservoir
  2. Next power on the diffuser and let it run
    for five or ten minutes in order to
    clean the micro-tubes
  3. Dispense of the leftover alcohol and let
    your diffuser air dry
  4. Once it is dry the cleaning is done


If are you are using relatively thick pure essential oils or have not used your essential oil
diffuser for a long time, then you will need to do a more intensive cleaning.
  1. Remove the glass reservoir from the
    wooden base and place it in a large cup.
    This is to prevent any spillage or dripping
  2. Use the dropper with alcohol to squirt
    and to wash the micro-tubes directly
    several times
  3. After you have done this, gently shake and
    swirl the glass reservoir with alcohol in it
    to achieve a thorough clean
  4. The shaking action will help to completely
    clear the micro-tubes. Afterward, dispense
    of the alcohol and allow the glass to dry.
    Once it is dry it is ready to use again


If you use your essential oil diffuser often, then every month or so you will want to deep clean your unit.
  1. Prepare a container with hot water (about 60°C
    to 80°C or 140°F to 180°F)
  2. Place the glass reservoir in the container with the
    hot water and add a small amount of mild
    dishwashing liquid
  3. The combination of the hot water and soap will
    act to remove any staining, film or blockage that
    may have occurred
  4. You may add more hot water periodically to
    achieve a more effective cleanse
  5. Soak in the detergent and hot water for
    at least thirty minutes
  6. Take your glass reservoir out and gently
    wash with regular tap water. Then set the
    unit in a safe place to dry
  7. Once the glass reservoir is dry
    your cleanup is done!