Turn on the switch at the bottom of the base in a clockwise direction (from left to right) – the left is a lower output setting and the right is a higher output setting.
The usage cycle of the diffuser is running for 2 minutes and stopping for 1 minute. After 2 hours the diffuser will turn off automatically (the LED light will remain on). If you want to continue use, turn the on/off switch off then on again and the diffuser will start another 2-hour usage cycle.
Use the touch sensor to switch the LED light off and on

To maintain peak efficiency, it’s essential to clean your glass reservoir at least once a week. This becomes even more crucial if the diffuser has been idle for more than 7 days and you plan to reuse it again.

Carefully detach the glass reservoir from the diffuser’s base by lifting it straight up, without twisting. Empty any remaining essential oil from the reservoir.

Pour 6-8 ml of high-concentration isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) into the glass reservoir. Seal the opening with your thumb (or another object) and shake and swirl vigorously up and down for 30 seconds to ensure all oil inside the bottle is removed, then dispose of the alcohol. Be aware that during shaking and swirling, some alcohol may leak from the bottom of the reservoir, which is normal.

Pour another 6-8 ml of high-concentration isopropyl alcohol into the reservoir. Use the provided plastic cleaning pipette to draw some alcohol. Place the tip of the pipette directly on the straight micro-tube and forcefully squeeze the plastic cleaning pipette to ensure sufficient force is applied to expel the alcohol through the micro-tubes. Perform this action several times until all blockages in the micro-tubes are cleared, then empty the alcohol from the bottle.

To ensure all blockages are cleared, repeat step 2 with fresh alcohol.

Thoroughly wipe the exterior of the glass reservoir and the glass cap with a paper towel moistened with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oily residues.

Dispose of any remaining alcohol. Allow the glass reservoir to air dry completely, or use adry cloth to wipe it dry, before adding essential oils and using the diffuser again. (You may also use a hairdryer to accelerate the process)

Product failure or other damage caused by failure to comply with the following precautions will void the free warranty. Please pay special attention.

Nebulizing Diffuser Precautions:

  • Regularly clean the diffuser according to the method described in the instructions manual.
  • Blockage of the micro-tubes may cause the diffuser to malfunction.
  • In order to avoid product failure, glass breakage or surface corrosion, please beware of oil build-up on and around the wooden base.
  • In order to avoid product failure, abnormal operation or damage to the surrounding environment and objects, do not use the product in the following locations:
    1. Under direct sunlight, on a heater/radiator, near a fire, in a place with extremely high temperature or near the outlet of an air conditioning unit.
    2. On mats, quilts, or any location that is unstable or tilted at an angle.
  • This product is only suitable for use with the electric adaptor provided by Organic Aromas, the use of other adapters may cause damage to the body.
  • Do not disassemble, modify the product.
  • Do not move the diffuser during operation.
  • Please avoid prolonged continuous use. After using the product for 120 minutes, turn off the power for at least 60 minutes before using it again to prevent the motor from damage or overheating (this product is set to automatically shut down after 120 minutes).
  • If you plan to not use the product for a long period of time, please perform a deep cleaning and thoroughly dry for safekeeping.

Essential Oil Precautions:

  • Please use pure essential oils. In order to avoid product failure, do not use the product with perfumes, synthetic fragrances or anything containing impurities or solids.
  • Please use pure essential oils. In order to avoid product failure, do not use the product with perfumes, synthetic fragrances or anything containing impurities or solids.
  • Please add the appropriate amount of essential oil depending on the frequency of use. Do not add too much oil at one time as contact with air will cause the oil to oxidize, become stiff and clog the nozzle.
  • Avoid using thicker oils, such as sandalwood, cypress, benzoin, frankincense, etc., alone. Or immediately after their use, do a general cleaning to prevent the micro-tubes from clogging.