Top Essential Oil Picks For Your Home Office

Top Essential Oil Picks For Your Home Office

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The onset of a global pandemic has brought new norms; especially where work life is concerned. Many have been forced to embrace the idea of working remotely from home. Whether you have set up a workstation at a corner in your living room or have a fully fledged home office, it is never easy to get work done at home. Those who worked from home before the pandemic may have mastered a few secrets for productivity.

If you have kids or pets, distractions can be overwhelming. How do you beat the urge to watch TV all day, while snacking on the couch? Working from home will not work if you don’t have a strategy. You must know how to boost productivity and creativity while staying focused. This is where essential oils come in. Oils are an excellent resource to transform your home into a productive haven for work; this article shows you how to do it.

How Essential Oils Can Help When Working From Home

Essential oils for aromatherapy can really help you work better from home. As hinted to above, some aromas can sharpen your mind and prepare you for a productive day. Other scents will keep away stress to help keep burnout away. Other aromas help you wind down after a productive day by calming your senses. Therefore, knowing the effect various aromas have on you at your home office is the key. The following information highlights a number of essential oils to use in your home office; and how they influence your performance. If you have never thought about setting the tone this way, read on.

Lemon Oil

To energize your mood and space, lemon essential oil is a great option when starting your working day at home. This oil helps you feel fresh and productive as you tap into your energy resources. By elevating your mood and reducing anxiety, you will be off to a great start. Also, if you are foggy after starting work, this is a great pick to diffuse. Take your mental clarity to a higher level and feel positive as you start your day. If you also like to workout before working, lemon oil allows you to give your best and by the time you kick off your work, you will be fully prepared. If you have trouble with procrastination, this is a good fix as well.  

Diffuse 4 to 7 drops of lemon oil in your home office and enjoy. Keep in mind that the oil purifies air and gets rid of odors; this is a plus as you get on with work.

Rosemary Oil

New studies have shown that rosemary essential oil can improve your overall performance at work. It works by sharpening focus and aiding memory retention. This oil is known for its signature spicy aroma which is energizing as well. Diffusing this oil is what you need to get started.

Rosemary can be blended with lime oil and grapefruit oil for best results. Diffuse 3 drops of each oil for not more than 30 minutes and enjoy the scent.

Peppermint Oil

This is one of the most invigorating options where essential oils are concerned. If you want to instantly boost energy while reducing tension, this is the way to go. Experts believe that menthol, a major constituent of peppermint is responsible for this effect. This cooling oil is excellent in boosting memory and to promote focus. Working from home is best done with a positive attitude and this oil boosts this. The cooling effect also makes peppermint essential oil great for headaches, muscle pains and migraines. It helps tackle lethargy and fatigue and to this end, you must use peppermint in your home office.

Diffuse about 3 to 5 drops of peppermint in your space and enjoy. You can also blend with lemon oil to ensure that distractions are kept at bay; two drops each is advised.

Top Essential Oil Picks For Your Home Office

Clary Sage Oil

Working from home effectively needs emotional balance. Your mood must be just right and to this effect, hormones that are out of balance are a recipe for poor performance. Thankfully, clary sage essential oil balances your system. It works on your endocrine system by modulating it. Build emotional resilience this way and get more work done. If you are feeling overwhelmed and cannot find a balance between work life and personal life, this is the right boost for you. Women will be pleased to learn that this oil will ease menstrual pain; for better performance.

Clary sage can be blended with ginger oil, bergamot and orange for an even better effect. 3 drops of clary sage and 2 drops of the other oils can be diffused to provide the merits mentioned.

Ginger Root Oil

Ginger root essential oil is known for its spicy, fresh and warm scent. When you are transitioning to work from home, you need motivation and confidence. This oil is excellent in sparking your emotions while lifting your mood. It helps when you are dealing with work challenges and frustrations.

Diffusing 3 to 4 drops of ginger oil is enough to get you going. This oil blends well with lemon and bergamot as well.


From turmeric to jasmine and marjoram, there are many other oils that will boost your home working environment. Taking precaution when using these aromatic oils is always important. Pregnant women should use oils as advised by a healthcare expert. Use pure oils from reputable companies. Also, invest in a good diffuser that will disperse scents effectively. When starting out, working from home can seem impossible. However, by creating the right feel with essential oils, you boost overall productivity and performance.

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Top Essential Oil Picks For Your Home Office

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  1. I really like your website. It is very elegant and organized. The layout is very easy to look at and the blog posts are very informative. Essential oils have a lot of different applications for all kinds of aspects in life.

  2. Other than the safety factor, the idea of working at home is so you can remain as comfortable as possible…so these procedures would be a waste of time

  3. I’ve never tried oils before. If they do what they say. I would love to try a few Peppermint being the first one. My daughter gets migraines and it would be wonderful if it helps her out. Thank you for all of the information. I will be trying a few out for myself too.

  4. Wow! I really appreciate all of the info about the oils. I now have some new ideas for essential oil uses. My favorite oils are lavender and peppermint. They’re also the only oils I’ve ever tried, but after reading your info, I am encouraged to try other oils too!

  5. Lemon and Rosemary are so amazing together. I have a few different blends I put together depending on what my day looks like. Sometimes a bit of lavender to help keep me grounded when stress kicks in.

  6. Love the idea of Lemon Oil for work to energize my mood and Peppermint Oil has always been a favorite of mine and yes, it does help alleviate some of the tension from headaches. Thanks for the informative post.

  7. Came here from another Blogger I follow, I enjoy Essential oils, my favorite is lavender, I try to stick to light scents that won’t make my head hurt, great info!

  8. I love using oils. For homeschooling I find lemon lavender and mandarin are great for the younger ones, lot less stress and whinging. For olders lemon and rosemary as its great for concentration, focus and retention.

  9. I did not know!! To energize your mood and space LEMON I have used lemon in cleaning products etc for years and I just though of it ;making a clean home

  10. I have worked from home for 35 years, so fortunately for me the pandemic didn’t change my work environment. I have found diffusing peppermint oil to be the most helpful in keeping me alert — however, it is not safe to diffuse around my dog who I recently adopted. So now I am really challenged to find and use oils that are safe!!

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