Aurora – Nebulizing Diffuser®


  • Flexible touch sensor light control changes the brightness from 100% to 50% to 30% and then off
  • The multi-colored effect comes from a special glaze sprayed at high temperature (600C) on the outside of the glass surface which causes a sublimation that creates the vibrant colors.
  • A usage cycle of 2 mins on and 2 mins off for a duration of 2 hours at which time the diffuser automatically shuts off.

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The Aurora is the latest addition to the Organic Aromas’ family of cutting edge Nebulizing Diffusers. It is made with vibrant ribbed glass, a sturdy ceramic base and is available in both black and white. True to its name, the Aurora creates spectacular light illusions from various angles, emitting wonderful rainbow colors to your delight.

This new diffuser is both gentle and extremely powerful for all your aromatherapy needs. Its playful design embodies the delicate beauty of a pearl, while delivering on all the classic features of the Organic Aromas nebulizing diffusers. As an ornament, the Aurora is specifically crafted for that ultimate visual appeal. The beautifully textured glass and the smooth ceramic curves make Aurora a statement piece for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, guest room, spa and more. 

The lovely Aurora creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, fun and even play. All your favorite essential oils or blends are optimally atomized to deliver a quick and far reaching aroma. This one-of-a-kind aromatherapy device is easy to use and handle. With a revolutionary new dimmer function that allows you to control the brightness of the light, in addition to being able to control the volume and strength of the scent. This complement allows you to optimize your overall aromatherapy experience. The Aurora will surely captivate you in the pursuit of the holistic wellness which can be made possible through the use of essential oils.

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White, Black

Customer Reviews

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Glass reservoir too fragile

I love these diffusers and the round glass ball reservoir. Unfortunately the first one I received was broken upon delivery. Replaced easily, good customer service. Now it broke while cleaning. I have another style reservoir with slightly thicker glass. I wish this style held up better.

Lorenzo Delfino
Relaxing Aurora Diffuser

I am truly enjoying my Aurora nebulizing diffuser. The unit is very easy to operate and it is decorative. In no time the bedroom is filled with the aroma which accompanies my book reading; and the multicolored dancing lights complement the ambiance.

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Mike Akers, Certified Aromatherapist
Goodbye Raindrop, Hello Aurora!

I just received my 2nd Aurora. I have had my first Aurora about a month. This thing blasts oils! I love it. On full power, for me, it will diffuse citrus oils (thin) at 1 drop per minute of diffusing. So be careful on overusing your oils. For those who diffuse for hours at a time, this will eat up 60 drops an hour! I love this diffuser so much more than the raindrop! Now time will tell on how long it lasts. One of my raindrops lasted 2 years, so we will see how this holds up. So far so good!

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Mike Akers, Certified Aromatherapist
May be better than the raindrop!

I have had this for about 2 weeks now and have used it often. So far it’s working great, the power, air flow, light, output, all great. In fact I MIGHT like this more than the 2 raindrop 2.0’s I have. Time will tell. This thing is also extra pretty, too! Really loving this one!