Zenara – Nebulizing Diffuser® (Rechargeable)


  • With Rechargeable Battery


Introducing “Zenara,” our ceramic rechargeable nebulizing diffuser, where modern technology meets artistic design. The sleek ceramic base holds a powerful rechargeable lithium battery, making it a versatile addition to any setting. Like its wooden counterpart, Zenara offers a waterless and heatless aroma diffusion, maintaining the integrity of your essential oils. The diffuser’s white light creates a soothing, minimalistic ambiance, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.

Key Features

  • Cordless Convenience: Both models feature a rechargeable lithium battery, offering mobility and ease of use without the hassle of cords.
  • Sustainable Operation: Achieves full charge in 4 hours, supporting 8-10 cycles of operation.
  • Intelligent Diffusion: Alternates between 1 minute of diffusion and 1 minute of rest in each 2-hour cycle for optimal aroma distribution.
  • Eco-friendly Power Usage: Operates on a low 5-volt power, combining efficiency with eco-consciousness.
  • Versatile Glass Caps: Includes both vertical and directional glass caps, catering to different diffusion preferences.
  • FedEx Shipping Assurance: Ensures safe delivery due to lithium battery regulations.
  • Easy Charging: Comes with a USB to 5V DC charging cable for convenient power-up.
  • Ambient Lighting: “Zenara” is equipped with a serene white light, with both offering the option to turn off the light via a touch sensor light switch

Instruction Manual

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White Ceramic Base, Black Ceramic Base, Metallic Red Ceramic Base

Customer Reviews

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Happy customer!

The product seems high quality. I love how well it was packaged. Everything was clearly labeled and the instructions were direct and easy to follow. I wasn't expecting it to come with a free 5ml bottle of oil so that was a bonus. It really does recharge and run while wireless which is my favorite part (it's easy to bring from room to room). I'm happy with my purchase.