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Serenity Serenity Serenity Serenity Serenity


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Benefits and Uses

•    Reduces stress and anxiety

•    Treats insomnia
•    Promotes relaxation
•    Soothes fussy children
•    Establishes balance


Serenity is a unique, gentle blend of a variety of essential oils, each with distinctive therapeutic effects, including sedation, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and analgesic properties. When diffused in one of our ionic nebulizing aromatherapy diffusers, the effects are immediate and obvious. This blend helps calm tensions and uplifts the spirit, promoting relaxation and a deep sense of peace.


The Serenity essential oil blend is especially useful for those who seek to balance their mind, body and spirit after an active or stressful day. In addition, it has been shown to be useful as a method to calm and comfort children.

Suggested Use

Comprised of lime, lavender, cedarwood and organic ylang ylang, Serenity is very effective in reducing Insomnia, anxiety, depression and helping to balance the nervous system.

Extraction: Steam Distillation, Expression

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Organic Aromas Inc BBB Business Review Customer Reviews