Gold and Black Laser Engraved Raindrop Diffuser

$125.00 USD

Gold and Black make a striking combination. Combine intricate laser-engraved carvings of your favorite image, design, graphic or message with the elegant look of these regal colors. 

Organic Aromas® has made aromatherapy personal. Show your colors with a striking one-of-a-kind collectors item. Like nothing else out there, decorate your home or business with something unique and valuable, not to mention extremely useful.

  • NEW VERSION - All our Organic Aromas® diffusers are now equipped with the touch-sensor light switch function
  • Get the most gorgeous and effective diffuser on the market and make it your own with a specialty, custom laser engraving
  • Quiet, safe and clean, Nebulizing Diffusers™ are the premier way to get the strongest aroma and 100% of the therapeutic benefits of your pure essential oil
  • Operates 2 mins ON, 2 mins OFF for a period of 2 hours. Then pump will automatically shut down but light will stay on
  • Make sure you give us high-resolution images and clear instructions about how you want your laser engraving