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  • Magnificent Nebulizing Diffuser Light Wood

    Magnificent – Nebulizing Diffuser®


    In response to customer requests, this diffuser has an additional function in our new “touch sensor” light switch giving the user the power to turn the LED light on or off at any time with a gentle movement of the finger. The most effective diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently nebulizes using…

  • Hand Carved Floral Magnificent Light

    Hand-carved Floral


    Now available with the touch-sensor light switch function. Easily turn the light on or off with this handy little feature. The most effective diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently nebulizes using the Bernoulli’s Principle. Perfect for aromatherapy, place in the spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or meeting area. Uses No Heat or…

  • Raindrop Replacement Glass Cap

    Glass Cap Replacement


    Accidents do happen, so we offer replacement glass caps for your convenience Always use a glass cap when using your diffuser Choose your glass cap via selecting the specific model in the dropdown on the right Makes your diffuser properly diffuse pure essential oil in a wider area Important to always use a glass cap…

  • Merry Christmas Laser Engraved Nebulizing Diffuser

    Merry Christmas Laser Engraved Diffuser


    Specialty item like nothing else on the market Show your Christmas spirit each and every year with this collectors item Get it IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS with FREE DHL SHIPPING Make your home incredibly fragrant and festive with this attractive work of custom art Once again, Organic Aromas has outdone itself with the newest laser…

  • Wooden Stand For Replacement Glass Dark Color

    Wooden Stand For Glass Reservoir


    Protect and display your collection of glass reservoirs with this handsome and elegant hand-crafted wooden stand. Conveniently store your spare glass reservoirs while also keeping them safe with this premium aromatherapy accessory. With this fine wood stand it is easy to clean, replace and use up to 3 spare glass reservoirs. Glass reservoirs NOT included.

  • Hand-carved Butterfly Nebulizing Diffuser

    Hand-carved Butterfly


    In response to great demand, EVERY Organic Aromas® Nebulizing Diffuser™ now has the touch-sensor light switch function. This lets the user to control the diffuser LED light as they wish. The most effective and beautiful diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently, cleanly and safely nebulizes using air pressure only. Is an excellent addition…

  • Laser Engraved Bitcoin Raindrop Black Nebulizing Diffuser

    Gold and Black Laser Engraved Raindrop Diffuser


    Gold and Black make a striking combination. Combine intricate laser-engraved carvings of your favorite image, design, graphic or message with the elegant look of these regal colors. Organic Aromas® has made aromatherapy personal. Show your colors with a striking one-of-a-kind collectors item. Like nothing else out there, decorate your home or business with something unique…

  • Scorpio-Laser-Engraved-Nebulizing-Diffuser-by-Organic-Aromas.jpg

    Custom Laser-engraved Horoscope Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser


    More popular than ever, Astrology has been used since ancient times to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles. With several thousand years of history, our modern horoscope was created as a way to provide symbolism and to help form a deeper understanding of ourselves and of the events happening around us. It is…

  • Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser Pendant by Organic Aromas with Crystals

    Organic Aromas Custom Aromatherapy Necklace


    Chic and stylish, take your essential oils with you wherever you go with this aromatherapy necklace. Interchange the colored cotton pads to match your outfit or use different aromas for different occasions Use 6-8 drops of essential oils for up to 6 hours of scent Light-weight stainless steal locket with a 22 inch (55 cm)…

  • Halloween-Nebulzing-Diffuser-Organic-Aromas

    Halloween Laser Engraved Raindrop Diffuser


    Show your spirit and get in the mood with this scary new creation, just in time for Halloween! Organic Aromas is making sure to commemorate the Fall with this lovable new design to let all the little ghosts and goblins know you are celebrating this year! Whip up a new, custom aromatherapy blend for Halloween with favorites…

  • Opulence Blue Vine Nebulizing Diffuser

    Opulence – Nebulizing Diffuser


    Brand new Opulence diffuser comes with an elegant and delicate white ceramic base; equipped with same internal components as all our nebulizing diffusers, performance will be substantially similar Complete with our proprietary “touch sensor” light switch, 2 minute ON, 1 minute off (stops after 2 hours – but light remains on) “usage cycle” Equipped with…

  • Mobile Mini Nebulizing Diffuser Charcoal Grey Organic Aromas

    Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser


    Complete freedom and control of your aromatherapy experience with this wireless, rechargeable lithium-battery powered nebulizing diffuser®. Take it anywhere you go, on a trip, to a hotel, in the car, to your yoga class, you name it! Now in TWO COLORS: Charcoal Grey and Ironman Red. Specialty, custom hand-blown glass reservoir, concentrates and focuses the…

  • Opulence White and Open Box Discovery Collection

    Intrepid Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit


    Share, learn and expand your knowledge of aromatherapy with this one-of-a-kind collection. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the Intrepid Explorer allows you to experiment and learn more about aromatherapy. There is no stronger or more effective aroma diffuser on the market. Get the purest and most concentrated fragrance across a large area in a…

  • A christmas candle holder with a photo of a family in santa hats.

    Design-Your-Own Color Printed Nebulizing Diffusers


    Make your own diffuser with a sophisticated direct-to-substrate printing method to completely and permanently cover the entire wooden surface of your diffuse base in any image or design you wish! The Redolence has all the functions of our entire line of nebulizing diffusers, including a powerful, quiet internal pump, a 2-hour (two mins ON, one…

  • Redolence Black Nebulizing Diffuser

    Redolence Nebulizing Diffuser


    The Redolence has all the functions of our entire line of nebulizing diffusers, including a powerful, quiet internal pump, a 2-hour usage cycle, and touch-sensor light switch. The Redolence diffuser is 6 inches (15.5cm) tall x 3 inches (7.75cm) wide and works on either 110 or 220v electrical systems. The Redolence base is made from…

  • Inspiring Word Map Raindrop Light Wood Base

    Inspiring Word Map


    Achieve positivity and enlightenment with this delicately laser engraved Happiness Word Map nebulizing diffuser by Organic Aromas. Become more mindful and stay constantly in the moment with a fantastic array of wonderful aromas wafting from this specialty creation. This unique work of art brings both joy and inspiration when paired with your favorite pure essential…