Hand-carved Gecko

$175 USD

  • Complete Control - Everyone one of our hand-carved diffusers are equipped with the touch-sensor light switch function. This means you can control the light when you need or want it.
  • Silent, effective, powerful and gorgeous. This Nebulizing Diffuser™ uses the Bernoulli's Principle to atomize pure essential oil into tiny micro-particles. The diffuser is great for a spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or meeting area.
  • Uses No Heat or Water and definitely No Plastic. Maintains the Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Has "volume" switch so you can control how much you diffuse.
  • The unit has a Usage Cycle of 2 minutes On, and 1 minute Off.  Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes, but the light remains on! In ideal conditions the unit can “service” a room of up to 80sqm (800+ sq ft).
  • The unit measures approx. 4 inches wide (10cm) and 9 inches tall (22 cm, models vary). It features soothing LED Mood Lighting. It works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with the electrical plug adapter for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc).
  • Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass diffuser makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. The unit is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Straight from the tropics, this whimsical hand-carved Gecko Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser™ is an excellent complement to a spa, yoga studio or beauty parlor. A limited series creation straight from the hands (and feet) of expert carvers in Bali, Indonesia. 

Geckos are a ubiquitous creature found throughout equatorial regions and elsewhere. Homey and welcoming this diffuser is just right for adding that special touch. Thought to bring good luck, this meticulously carved and detailed work of art is sure to warm up your private or public space. 

Get the most powerful aromatherapy diffuser on the market and an incredible keepsake. Purchase yours now while supplies last.