The Attar Nebulizing Diffuser

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The Attar Nebulizing Diffuser

Introducing the largest and most powerful Nebulizing Diffuser® ever made. This exceptional aromatherapy instrument can emit strong, natural aromas across an enormous area in minutes. It is uniquely designed for specific, specialty applications such as those that involve exceptionally big locations and/or large (numbers of) subjects.


  1. Made with a solid hardwood base and three hand-blown, heat resistant pyrex glass reservoirs
  2. Three powerful, sturdy and heavy duty pumps each with individual volume control and on-board usage cycle that operates for 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF in a cycle back and forth for a period of TWO hours (pump will automatically stop but LED lights will remain on)
  3. Elegant and attractive touch sensor white LED mood-lighting. Turn each individual light on or off with the touch of a finger.
  4. Uses minimal electricity with a 110-220v, 1 amp, 12v DC electrical adapter which will be suitable for your country.
  5. Perfect for those who require rich, concentrated, natural aromas to cover an unusually large space or for aromatherapy applications for groups or multiple persons.
  6. Easily and efficiently administer a specific blend(s) or set of particular essential oils in a specific or precise style, sequence, dose or for specialty purpose.

Where to Use?

  • Large offices, showrooms
  • Conference rooms, exhibition halls
  • Recreation centers, theaters
  • Warehouses, barns and stalls

In a closed, open-layout room without external ventilation, at high volume The Attar is adequate to cover an area of at least 150 square meters.

How to Use?

Place at least 25 drops of your favorite individual essential oils and/or specially formulated blends in as many of the glass reservoirs you require. Unless absolutely necessary or for specific prescribed purposes, the machine is recommended to be used on the LOW volume setting only. Choose to use all three simultaneously or effortlessly switch to using a single reservoir all on it’s own.

Digital Instruction Manual

What if I Want Different Glass?

If you would like to receive this Nebulizing Diffuser with different models of glass simply leave us a note in the comments section of your order or send us an email requesting to change the glass reservoirs.

Care and Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of this unit is required. Frequent rinsing and cleaning of the glass reservoirs with isopropyl alcohol is a must. To avoid damage to your machine, do NOT allow essential oil to dribble outside of the glass reservoirs or to drip on or into the wooden base.


Organic Aromas offers a one-year free parts and service warranty. (from date of purchase) special conditions apply (read the instruction manual)

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The most impressive, effective and powerful aromatherapy tool on the market, great for use in a large retail space, car dealership/law firm, clinic, or other large places where people gather.

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