3 Essential Oils to Help you Sleep Better

3 Essential Oils to Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is essential to your well-being. The body does its best repair job on your heart and blood vessels as you slumber peaceful unaware. Sleep gives your immune system time to recharge and be in top performance when illness strikes.  

As you sleep, your mind downloads and de-stresses from your daily activities. The brain creates new pathways for you to learn and remember information, giving you a sharper mind upon waking (after your coffee, of course).  

Insomnia Can Cause Health Issues

People are often unaware of the problems that can come from a lack of sleep, also known as sleep deficiency. These issues can disrupt our daily activities without us even knowing. Most of us lead very busy lives, which makes it hard for us to get the correct amount sleep needed each night.

48 thoughts on “3 Essential Oils to Help you Sleep Better

  1. Tadeo J Plagata says:

    I never tried this before. Good to know that there were oils that keep U relax and fall asleep. I will give it a try. Where can I buy these items?

  2. Tricia Jorke says:

    I was aware of how some oils can help us with sleep,without a list of crazy side effects. I use Frankincense and Lavender Oil already, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer and Frankincense is to help with cancerous lumps. Lavender helps to calm. I was unfamiliar with Ylang Ylang Oil but now I know and will get it to add with the other two.

  3. Kristen H. says:

    Thanks for writing this article on your blog. As someone who definitely struggles to sleep at times, I plan on eventually using some of the essential oils you listed in the article so I can hopefully sleep better. Once again, thanks for writing the article. I really appreciated being able to read it.

  4. gloria patterson says:

    I don’t have trouble sleeping but my mother and sister do. Passing this great information on to them.

  5. Cindy Palmer says:

    It might be the only frankincense I ever tried was not of good quality, but I did not like the smell. I would like to try your Organic Aromas but I will only try the frankincense if I win it! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  6. Vikki Billings says:

    I have arthritis in my spine, knees, ankles, wrists and hands. It makes it very hard to sleep most nights. I have never really done anything with essential oils but after reading this I am going to start using them to see if they can help me. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Andi M says:

    I haven’t tried ylang ylang or frankincense for sleep yet. My bf hates the smell of lavender so I have to stick to more earthy scents for sleeping. I will definitely give those a try!

  8. HCaron says:

    I didn’t know about frankincense, I’ll give it a try. It’s important to note that there are over 85 sleep disorders and over 20% of us will be affected during our lifetime. If sleep disturbances last longer than a few nights, it’s important to consult our medical team. If most of these sleep disturbances are not addressed early on, they can lead to a number of serious issues including death (stroke/heart attack++).

  9. Britta Simon says:

    I love to diffuse 2 drops of Ylang-Ylang with 4 drops of Lavender and around 8 drops of Orange / Grapefruit before I go to sleep.

  10. Maggie C says:

    I currently use lavender oil in my diffuser but never heard of the other two oil! Thank you for the info! I am going to give them a try.

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