Join Organic Aromas on a Journey of Discovery!!!

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Chad Pegura | 0 comments

Aromatherapy is a truly wondrous thing. So beautiful and so powerful, essentials oils are an incredible part of our natural environment.

Organic Aromas was created to explore and discover the little known secrets and to unlock the potential of these unique organic compounds. The mystique has sent us to the four corners of the globe in search of something new!

This journey has given birth to our spiritual guide.

A whimsical character and mascot that represents all the curiosity and revelation contained within the wonderful world of aromatherapy! So much to learn and to uncover.

 He serves as our ambassador. He isfind your moral compass the embodiment of our desire to grow and to evolve in our understanding of essential oils.

Join us each month as we go on journeys of discovery around the world. We will get new information, gain insight and remove the mystery behind your diffuser, essential oils and aromatherapy!




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