5 Benefits to Using An Aromatherapy Necklace

5 Benefits to Using an Aromatherapy Necklace

While a nebulizing diffuser is a great way to use your essential oils at home, it’s not the only way you can benefit from aromatherapy. Diffusers work to send the benefits of oils into the air you breathe, while also sometimes purifying the air naturally to leave you with better indoor air quality, and this is one of the most popular forms of aromatherapy. However, another ancient method is just as productive, and this is by using aromatherapy jewelry. Aromatherapy necklaces allow you to take your oils wherever you may go, and to do so in a noninvasive way that still allows you to reap every benefit.

What are the Benefits of Using an Aromatherapy Necklace?

1. An Alternative to Traditional Perfumes

Traditional perfumes are often filled with various chemicals in order to create those fragrances you love, and these perfumes are sprayed directly onto the skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Your skin absorbs these chemicals, and may cause adverse reactions ranging from allergic reactions to longer-term damage. An aromatherapy necklace is a safe and healthy alternative that not only stops your skin from absorbing a myriad of chemicals you may not even recognize, but it gives you a way to reap the rewards the oils held within. Have a favorite fragrance? Find the notes of the fragrance and replicate them by mixing various oils onto your aromatherapy necklace.

2. Aromatherapy Jewelry is Attractive

Aromatherapy necklaces aren’t just useful, they’re also quite the fashion statement! Aromatherapy necklaces come in a vast array of different styles and designs, and anyone is sure to find something that perfectly fits their style.

Organic Aromas Custom Aromatherapy Necklace

3. Cost Effective

When using an aromatherapy necklace, you only need to use a single drop of oil to provide you with a whole day of fragrance and aromatherapy benefits. Unlike fragrances, which often require a couple of full spritzes and still may not last all day, essential oils are powerful, concentrated, and built to last.

4.You Can Take it Anywhere

You never have to be without your favorite oils when you use an aromatherapy necklace. While you can use portable essential oil diffuser products during travel, it may not be welcome in the office, at the supermarket, or in other locations where you may want the benefits of aromatherapy but a diffuser simply won’t work. By using a necklace, you can get all of the benefits of aromatherapy without worrying about the scent or effects being invasive to others.

5. Powerful Long-lasting Effects

When compared to a diffuser, an aromatherapy necklace can give you longer lasting effects. When using a diffuser, you’ll typically only have the diffuser running for a short period of time, and using the diffuser over and over again can cause you to burn through your favorite oils rather quickly. With a necklace, however, you can experience the effects of the oil all day long while only using a single drop, and you can take the necklace off or put it back on as you see fit throughout your day.

Cleaning Your Aromatherapy Necklace

Your aromatherapy necklace will need to be cleaned every once in a while. While the oil will typically lose its scent after a day or so, the building up of oils could leave a lasting aroma. The method you use to clean your aromatherapy necklace will depend on what it’s made from, and the cleaning of a sterling silver locket necklace will be different than that of a necklace with absorbent aromatherapy beads. Locket-style aromatherapy necklaces will use either a cotton pad or absorbent beads to hold the oil and retain the scent. For these types of necklaces, simply wipe out the interior of the locket and replace the cotton pad or beads with a fresh version using fresh oils.

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5 Benefits to Using an Aromatherapy Necklace


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  1. Nice blog on the advantages of wearing aroma necklace. I know that my wife and youngest daughter wear them all the time and think they are great.

  2. I suffer from anxiety and I am very interested in the use of this product and its benefits. I am hoping to win so I can try before I invest money into its use.

  3. I’m allergic to many perfumes and scents out on the market. It’s nice to hear about a healthy alternative. Will definitely be looking for a nice necklace!

  4. wow, what a great way to share aroma therapy with a wide array of people ! I host art exercises with senior citizens and started to introduce aroma therapy during class. I travel to different facilities each day, Its not always efficient bringing around diffusers – but a pendant is a great way to share smell in a group setting. I’ve found that each person smells differently, I’d love to incorporate pendants in my daily practice.

  5. I would love to win this, Please pick me. Essential oils are wonderful and an aroma therapy necklaces are a perfect way to reap the benefits.

  6. I think there are SO many benefits to aromatherapy jewelry! Besides the fact that they look so cool, they also smell amazing! It’s like perfume on your neck but with a much better, natural, and beneficial scent. Scent memory is the strongest there is. So what better way to transport yourself to anywhere in the world than by wearing your signature scent around your neck! You can take them anywhere, they’re easy to clean, they are not that expensive, and they empower you!

  7. wow i never knew of these necklaces, how nice that would be you dont have to get it on your clothes and still smell great and relax too, i am jealous

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