The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Open Spaces

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Open Spaces

If you’ve been exploring the wonders of essential oils, it’s possible that you’ve used different diffusers since you started. It’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to be disappointed with a diffuser they thought would live up to their expectations.

Among the reasons why essential oil users may not be happy with the kind of diffuser they got is its inability to provide the maximum effect and scent of the oils. This is a common issue that arises when you fail to consider the size of the diffuser.

As an essential oil enthusiast who prefers to diffuse oil rather than simply inhale it, it can be frustrating if the oil scent does not reach every corner of the room or your home. This issue becomes even more pronounced when you want to diffuse in a large room or a large open space.

This becomes a problem when you buy a diffuser based only on reviews that say that the diffuser looks great and works perfectly. While those reviews are likely true, they do not necessarily say how well a diffuser performs when used in a large room.

There are various types of essential oil diffusers. Under these types come a wide variety of options. While all of them are designed to help relieve nasal stuffiness, boost mood, and get you a good night’s sleep, they all vary in function and size.

If you get a diffuser that is too small for the room you intend to use it for, then you won’t be able to make the most of your essential oils. Ultimately, you will just waste precious essential oil, since the scent won’t carry across the room.

Nebulizing Diffusers: Ideal for Large Spaces

Nebulizing diffusers are able to atomize essential oils without using heat or water. They work using water-less technology where a stream of pressurized air comes in contact with a small stream of essential oil which is blasted into thousands of micro-particles.

Because nebulizing diffusers disperse oil in its pure form, the oil particles are unadulterated. As a result, the effects are also more pronounced. Although nebulizing diffusers may look smaller than ultrasonic diffusers with large tanks, they are often more efficient because they utilize pure oils.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Open Spaces

Benefits of Using a Nebulizing Diffuser

Still undecided about whether to get a nebulizing diffuser for a large room or open space in your home? Reading about these benefits might help:

  • They are safer to use. Essential oil diffusers disperse natural, organic essential oils into the air, unlike candles, incense, and air fresheners that often have synthetic ingredients. Nebulizing diffusers, in particular, release pure oil particles. Because it does not use heat and water to atomize the oil, the composition of the oil is not altered, only its form (from oil to mist). Needless to say, using a nebulizing diffuser is a safer option for most people.
  • They offer ultimate relaxation. As with other oil diffusers, nebulizing oil diffusers use essential oils to provide calming effects and aid in relaxation. However, nebulizing diffusers are able to do this better than other types of diffusers because they use oils in their purest form. As a result, you get the most of your essential oils, regardless how of big or small the room is.
  • They help you focus. Certain essential oils, such as lavender, vetiver, and frankincense, are known to help improve focus and concentration. They appeal to the central nervous system by regulating and balancing it. These essential oils have also been believed to help clear the lymphatic system, aiding in the effective elimination of toxins and wastes from the body. As a result, you can experience improved focus and concentration.
  • They help boost the immune system. Some of the pure oils used in nebulizing diffusers are known to help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may pollute the air. As a result, you are better protected against common illnesses such as colds, cough, and nasal allergies.
  • They help improve people’s moods. If you’re entertaining people in a large space, diffusing essential oils such as sandalwood will help boost their mood, making for a more fun gathering. You can also try lime, lavender, rose, and vetiver for a similar effect.
  • They help freshen up space. One of the best benefits of using a nebulizing diffuser is its ability to spread maximum and more potent scents. This is because they use pure essential oils.

The Best Nebulizing Diffusers for Big Spaces

When choosing a nebulizing diffuser for a big room or open space, its important to consider the following aspects:

  • Timer – The timer is an essential component of every nebulizing diffuser. This type of essential oil diffuser is not meant to be left turned on for long hours continuously which could be quite costly. Instead, they have a programmed usage cycle where they turn on for 2 minutes and off for 1 minute for a duration of 2 hours at which time they automatically shutoff
  • Motor – If you mean to use the diffuser in a large space, it needs to have a motor that can run at high capacity and fill a room up to 800 square feet or more.
  • Design – It’s safe to say that you might entertain guests in the room or space where you will station the diffuser, so it’s best to get one that complements the overall look of the space.

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The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Open Spaces

46 thoughts on “The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Open Spaces

  1. Deborah says:

    Very interesting & helpful thank you! I wondered why some covered more areas than others. My daughters have them through out the house and when I sleep over I sleep well. xxoo So the bedroom will be the most important place to start for me.

  2. Jamie Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this article! I would love to have different sizes for different rooms! I would also use different mixes to make different scents for each room! You never hear someone say a person’s home smells too good! thanks again for sharing! Happy Holiday!

  3. Randy Clendenin says:

    Hello, so, you’re saying that “SIZE MATTERS”, really-I had no idea! Take care, “God Bless”, sincerely Randy.

  4. Phyllis Gauker says:

    The nebulizing diffuser certainly will solve the problem of water and oil not mixing, and causing a unit not to work! Thanks for all the information in the article.

  5. Scotty says:

    Our house is over 130 years old so it has some big rooms with high ceilings. Your diffusers do a wonderful job of filling it up.

  6. Julie says:

    I have admired and wished for one of these beautiful nebulizing diffusers for several years now , I just love them . Having 13 grandchildren I think it is a wise investment for sure . Unfortunately it’s not in my budget especially at this time of the year. I have purchased other types for gifts , and they were disappointing as are many of the essential oils that are out there. I’ve learned that they are not all created equally, as you have stated some aren’t even essential oils…lol. It’s true. So it’s important for people to be informed before they purchase these products. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing relevant information to your customers. We have all become too accustomed to synthetic products, they have become normal, people don’t even question their validity anymore. I hope to be able to purchase one or more of these beautiful diffusers very soon , you can’t find them everywhere like the other types available everywhere, which by the way cost just as much and more and almost all are made of plastic. Which is another thing I just Love about these nebulizing diffusers . Thanks for sharing information , I was wondering how they work differently than the other ones, now I know .👍

  7. Coline T. says:

    Everything i want to know about diffusers is in this article! It could not be more clear. I have made up my mind, thanks you so much 🙂

  8. Kevin Linkie says:

    I would love to get one for my work, something that keeps people calm and centered. I work with a bunch of people who are so negative and dramatic lol.

  9. Francisco J. De Leon says:

    I own the Redolence Nebulizing Diffuser and it works great in large open areas. Our apartment is approximately 300 sq./ft. and works perfectly. One of my favorite essential oils is Patchouli. I really want to know that scent after reading Brave New World, they are both great. I noticed that some people who commented on this Blog want to purchase a Diffuser, and I have to say this Black Friday period is one of the best opportunities to do so. There are many positive outcomes that come with living with essential oils, most of those benefits are mentioned on this blog. Organic Aromas sells diffusers and goes the extra mile when they create these informational Blogs.

  10. Linda says:

    I love the Nebulizing Diffuser. Have mine for a few months now and it is so much better than a diffuser which needs water. Scent is more pure and longer lasting. I will buy one more soon with the cyber monday sale. Can’t wait!!!

  11. Bamadragon says:

    Very good article. I operate two of your diffusers and found that the type of oil itself assists in the spread of the scent. Some oil blends are more subtle then others.

  12. Magdalena says:

    I bought Exquisite – Nebulizing Diffuser and it is really fantastic. I diffuseessential oils everyday. Highly recommend !!!

  13. Epat says:

    So informative. I’ve been looking for a plastic free diffuser for our one bedroom apartment, but one large enough to transition into a larger space next year. Leaning towards the raindrop!

  14. Sharron Wilmot says:

    I am very interested in this concept!!!! It makes sense to have a diffuser with a nebulizer and i’ll have to save for the one i want but it will be worth it!!!!

  15. LAC says:

    I was so happy when I discovered Organic Aromas nebulizing diffusers for all the reasons listed in this blog. Most of all, I was so happy that the aroma filled my large rooms in my home. After I bought a few different varieties from OA, I never went back to the other, inferior kind! Don’t settle for less than the best!

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