How to Get Started With Your New Diffuser

You have recently purchased an Organic Aromas essential oil aromatherapy diffuser or you received one as a gift and you are ready to get started! Let us explain the contents and function of your diffuser to ensure you fully enjoy it.


Please open your box and make sure the contents are complete. They should include:

  • 1A wooden diffuser base made from natural plantation hardwood
  • 2A glass reservoir
  • 3A glass cap for the reservoir
  • 4A power cord compatible with both 110 & 220v systems
  • 5Two plastic droppers for cleaning with high percentage alcohol


  • 1Place the glass reservoir in the rubber stopper on the wooden base. It is best to place the glass stem at the bottom of the glass reservoir into the rubber stopper and gently rock it back and forth while applying a slight downward pressure in order to achieve a snug fit
  • 2Plug the power cord into the wooden base and plug the unit into the wall
  • 3Take the 5ml bottle of the blend that we included as a bonus gift and add 20-25 drops (approx. 1ml) through the top opening of the glass reservoir
  • 4Place the glass cap on top of the glass reservoir
  • 5Turn on the “volume control” switch on the side of the wooden base. You can use this knob to control the amount of essential oil diffused.
  • 6You may or may not see “mist” coming out of the glass reservoir. If you look close, you will see the microtubes in the reservoir spraying the nebulized essential oil onto the glass. You can read more here
Our diffuser has a 2-hour “Usage Cycle” The diffuser will work for 2 minutes and then shut off for 1 minute. After 120 minutes the motor will shut down