Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser



  • Complete freedom and control of your aromatherapy experience with this wireless, rechargeable lithium-battery powered nebulizing diffuser®.
  • Take it anywhere you go, on a trip, to a hotel, in the car, to your yoga class, you name it! Now in TWO COLORS: Charcoal Grey and Ironman Red.
  • Specialty, custom hand-blown glass reservoir, concentrates and focuses the stream of atomized particles of pure essential oil with perfect efficiency and zero waste.
  • With no plastic, no water, and no heat, the strong lithium batteries of the Mobile-Mini make it a revolutionary advance in the aromatherapy world
  • Operates ON for 2 minutes, OFF for 1 minute in a cycle, back-and-forth for a period of two hours. At 2 hours, the unit will automatically shut off.
  • New and Improved: control the amount of scent released with Three Volume Control Settings; Low, Medium and High.
  • Fully charges via micro USB cable in approximately 5.5 hours, the unit can be used for at least 16 to 20 hours without needing to be recharged.
  • This unit measures 68mm/2.67 inches wide at the base and 160mm/6.29 inches tall. It weighs approximately 440 grams or about 1 pound.

Once again, Organic Aromas® has raised the bar in the aromatherapy industry by introducing the extraordinary, new Mobile-Mini nebulizing diffuser. Absolutely wireless, rechargeable and heavy duty, the Mobile-Mini features a lustrous anodized aluminum casing, powerful miniature air pump and exclusive custom-made glass reservoir that enhances performance and reduces waste.

The Mobile-Mini is truly a radical new innovation and promises to shake up the entire aromatherapy industry!

Freedom from electrical cords coupled with the powerful nebulizing technology of Organic Aromas®, means you can reach all-new horizons with your aromatherapy practice by using this epic creation. Never again be without your favorite aromas, taking your personal nebulizing diffuser with you wherever you go.

On a road trip, in a hotel room, on a cruise ship, at your yoga class, during a massage or just “in the office”, Organic Aromas® makes diffusing fragrant pure essential oil instant, satisfying and simply a piece of cake.

Special Guidelines: In many cases, the Mobile-Mini is able to be sent by Express shipping ONLY. You may be required to purchase Express shipping.

The Mobile-Mini Nebulizing Diffuser is powerful and meant for those passionate about aromatherapy. Please be aware that when the scent in your immediate environment reaches the desired level you may/can/should opt to turn the machine off. Keep in mind that the diffuser may be too strong for a closed environment like a car, so please use it appropriately.

This diffuser is remarkable and unique, do not use the unit too close to your body. The unit is not silent, but it is substantially quiet. If you place the unit at least 6 feet away from you it is unlikely that you will be able to hear it.

The specialty glass reservoir comes with a custom glass cap. This fits tightly and you should take care not to lose it. When you wish to add more oil please do so with the glass reservoir removed and OUTSIDE of the diffuser base. This will prevent any liquid from entering the machine’s pump housing.

The machine only emits very fine micro-droplets of pure essential oil. Essential oil is CORROSIVE.  The user should take care not to use the unit near, on or around expensive items or materials that are easily damaged by pure essential oil. The unit can be used safely and well with a tiny bit of caution and forethought. Use at own risk.

Click here for: Instruction Manual 

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Charcoal Grey, Iron-man Red

Customer Reviews

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Landry Westrich
Great size!

I love the size, it fits perfectly in my cup holder. I use this in my truck so small was ideal. I will say the smell is a little underwhelming. Could be the essential oil I used but I just don't get that strong smell I was hoping for. That doesn't mean it's not a good product! I will try some other oils to see what works best for me in just disappointed in the smell output even on the highest setting. I will also mention the air pump sound could be much for some people although I don't really mind it. If you have the money give it a try for yourself, but there might be cheaper diffuser (not nebulizer) options that may offer a stronger aroma.

Jane Duggan


Joseph Malara

Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser

Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser

Received this fairly quick. A bit shocked by the size first, not that mini. However, when I started to use it, it is really convenient. I like the feature of auto shut down within 2 hours. Only thing is the sound a bit loud, however, does not bother me as I moved to another table. Really love this diffuser.

Don’t buy one. Buy TWO!

Wow! 10/10 - In todays world of cheap parts and shoddy craftsmanship most of my package openings end in disappointment. Here, Organic Aromas has under-promised and over-delivered. I knew this as soon as I opened the box. Everything was thoughtfully packaged, and the heft of the diffuser spoke to its quality. This isn’t one of those $29 plastic machines with the LED lights that morph into different colors. This is a very attractive, yet unassuming little worker who quietly and faithfully does his job.
I can barely hear it and it diffuses better than any other machine I have seen to this point.
I can not think of a single negative thing to say about it, which I hope doesn’t come across as biased. This is an amazing value at its current price point. My advice is this: Dont but one. Buy two. You’ll love it that much.