The Sense of Smell and Aromatherapy

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Unless you are in a flower shop, in a restaurant or in a market it is easy to forget about your sense of smell. Of our five main senses, we definitely tend to overlook and under utilize our sense of smell. However, the truth is that our olfactory sense is so powerful and dynamic that it can easily shift our mood and feelings dramatically, often in ways we have never even imagined or realized.

Our Sense of Smell is Powerful

Smells have an oft misunderstood power over us that can move us to great lengths. We can be forced to action in many ways by just a whiff of something. The smell of a food, of an odor like smoke or a specific chemical can bring us to a place in time in our lives, alter our state of mind and can be both rewarding and devastating.


Our Sense of Smell is Connected to our Emotions

The scent of freshly baked bread can drive us to buy or eat, while the scent of roses and lilies can coax us to love, show forgiveness or kindness. All of which can move us emotionally and physically in profound ways.

This is the power of aromatherapy. Many plants, trees and flowers are imbued with the natural ability to fight disease, heal wounds, and bolster certain physical mechanisms.

How Can Essential Oils Help Us?

The most extraordinary thing about using essential oils is the remarkably positive effect on your daily life and the overall increase in the sense of well-being you will experience.Few things are cheaper, more pure and more effective at combating and augmenting a whole variety of indications, behaviors, and bodily functions as essential oils.

This is a modern day tribute to the real value and benefit aromatherapy will certainly have for you. It is something that needs to be experienced first-hand to fully understand. We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery. Using our unique Bernoulli’s-principle diffusers you can achieve great, even life-changing, things from something so very pure and simple.

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