3 Awesome Massage Oil Recipes

3 Awesome Massage Oil Recipes

Is there anything more relaxing than a deep-tissue massage? After a long week of running around, chasing the kids, working all day, and managing the hundreds of responsibilities we all have, there is nothing better than just indulging in the soothing power of massage. You can take your massage to the next level by adding aromatherapy treatment with homemade massage oils. These massages oils can enhance the massage experience and promote stress-relief, muscle healing, and even mindfulness. So before your next massage, try to whip up some of these recipes. 

Best Carrier Oils for Massage

Since essential oils are very powerful, it is best when making a massage oil to use a carrier oil. Carrier oils can help promote absorption of the essential oils while also preventing any kind of skin irritation. When choosing a carrier oil for massage, you want to choose an oil that is good for the skin, mixes easily with the essential oils and feels smooth and silky when massaged. Here are some of the best carrier oils for mixing homemade massage oil:

Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil smells wonderful, feels silky, promotes soft, moisturized skin, and is high in oleic acid which reduces blood pressure making it the perfect carrier oil for a standard massage.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which promotes healthy skin. It is also rich and thick, making it perfect for a long massage.

Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oil has a high concentration of linoleic acid which can help it dry faster than other carrier oils, so it’s the perfect oil for a quick massage.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba is a great carrier oil because it absorbs easily into the skin. When mixed with essential oils, it can help deliver their healing properties more quickly than other carrier oils. Jojoba is perfect for massages that target damaged or strained muscles.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is also high in oleic acid, which helps reduce blood pressure. It also has antioxidant quality which can promote healing and reduce inflammation. This is the perfect carrier oil for people with sensitive skin or skin issues.

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Massage Oil Recipes

Once you have decided which carrier oil best meets your massage needs, you want to decide what kind of massage you want to have. Here are three massage oil recipes that all produce different benefits:

Stress-Relieving Massage Oil Recipe: Use this massage oil after a long day to help reduce stress, promote relaxation and overall well-being.

1-2 drops sweet orange essential oil
12-14 drops lavender essential oil
6-7 drops valerian essential oil
3-4 drops sandalwood essential oil
2-3 drops rose geranium essential oil
1 cup of sweet almond oil

Pain Relief Massage Oil: Use this massage oil to help reduce the pain of muscle aches and tension. It is also good for people struggling with chronic pain from illness or if you are fighting a cold or flu.

2-3 drops bergamot essential oil
10-12 drops lavender essential oil
8-9 drops myrrh essential oil
4-5 drops Roman chamomile
1 cup of jojoba oil

Energizing Massage Oil: Use this oil is you want to feel refreshed, calm, and emotionally balanced. This oil can also promote sensuality and increase libido.

2-3 drops clary sage essential oil
2-3 drops jasmine essential oil
12-14 drops bergamot essential oil
2-3 ylang ylang essential oil
2-3 drops grapefruit essential oil
1 cup of coconut oil

Take Your Massage to the Next Level

To really enhance your massage session, beyond using these amazing aromatherapy massage oil recipes, consider adding another layer of aromatherapy by also diffusing the blend without the carrier oil. Diffusing essential oils can create a wonderful environment for your massage and can help you really get the full benefits of aromatherapy. Make sure that if you do decide to also diffuse the oils, you use a nebulizing diffuser. Some diffusers burn the oils changing their chemical properties, while other dilute them with water. In both cases you are not getting the full power of the aromatherapy. With a nebulizing diffuser you are only getting the essential oils in their purest form so they can really make for a powerful, healing and relaxing massage session.

Another important key to ensuring you have the best massage experience is to ensure that you are only using 100% pure essential oils, extracted directly from the plants. Some oils are just perfume oils and though they may smell good, they do not have all the therapeutic properties of essential oils. So when mixing your massage oil, make sure to blend the right carrier oil and pure essential oils for the best experience.

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  2. These are wonderful ideas. I especially like the one for stress. I was just wondering if you are supposed to choose from the essential oils or do you blend them all? I think I would like to use the sweet almond oil for the carrier.

  3. Useful article! I would add also sesame oil to the list – it is well known for it’s warming qualities and works very favorably on the tissues. Perfect for people with lean body types (wind dosha according to Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda).

  4. I have really wanted to get into aromatherapy. I hear so many great things and benefits about it. I just haven’t been financially able to get started..

  5. Thanks for the article and the recipes. I use jojoba, coconut and black seed oil for my massage oil. I would love to be able to diffuse in a nebulizer diffuser instead of my water one so here I am hoping to win one of your beautiful ones!

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