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Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day - Boost Your Libido with Aromatherapy

Posted on January 29, 2017 by Chad Pegura | 3 comments

Essential Oils for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about showing your loved ones how much you care. However, it is also a special day that celebrates the beautiful bond you share with your romantic partner. If you are looking to add some extra romantic atmosphere in the bedroom this year, here are a few essential oils that are sure to spice up your night.

    Passion Essential Oil Blend

      Our Passion essential oil blend was created to cultivate a sense of romance and intimacy. With this lovely fragrance in the bedroom, you can stimulate the bodies’ own natural desire for affection, improve morale, and give yourself a boost of energy.


      There is nothing that says ‘romance’ and ‘I love you’ like the scent of roses. In fact, this essential oil has been used for thousands of years as the fragrance of passion and love. That aside, this lovely floral scent has a calming effect as an aphrodisiac.

      Ylang Ylang

      This floral fragrance is not overpowering, but it does have a unique property to affect the hormones needed to build a strong sex drive. Additionally, it can be a great scent for relaxing as well and can help to foster a feeling of love and security between you and your partner.


          This seductive, but sweet fragrance is perfect for a night between lovers. Jasmine essential oil is believed to help with impotence and frigidity due to its reputation for instilling confidence and reducing anxiety. If that wasn’t enough, this oil has been known to boost arousal and libido as well making it a perfect addition to any romantic night.


              Well-known for its ability to create a peaceful environment, you can find this essential oil is commonly found in perfumes and colognes. However, it can also help to stimulate some romance in the bedroom as well.


                  It is well-known that cinnamon is great for enhancing energy and reducing fatigue. However, it is also known as the oil of sexual harmony. Cinnamon essential oil helps with intimacy issues and boosts sexual energy for a romantic night you aren’t soon to forget.

                    Clary Sage

                      This essential oil has been traditionally used to promote hormonal balance within the body to help those experiencing a low libido. Additionally, clary sage is very relaxing and has some sedative properties that allows you to release additional tension and stress so you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day properly.

                      The best way to put these oils to work is to use a Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser. A nebulizer diffuses the oils in their most purest form, ensuring the maximum therapeutic benefits. They use no heat, no oil and are made from recycled plantation wood and hand-blown glass. Organic Aromas makes the perfect gift.

                      Essential Oils For Valentines Day



                      3 Responses

                      Patricia Eastman
                      Patricia Eastman

                      May 05, 2017

                      I love Ylan Ylang! Can’t wait to try try some of the other ones. Thanks for the info.


                      April 17, 2017

                      I just love ylang ylang essential oil for romance and romantic diffuser blends. I haven’t really used jasmine before so thanks for the suggestion, I think I’ll try it!

                      sophie villemure
                      sophie villemure

                      February 05, 2017

                      j’adore les odeurs des agrumes, pamplemousse, orange, tangerine

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