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Join us for a fun and beneficial journey into aromatherapy. Improve your life and the lives of others by introducing our 12 Step Plan. Aromatherapy Anonymous is a wonderful way to change your life for the better.

Mothers Day: the Most Important Things in Life

Mother's Day the Most Important Things in Life

We are reminded this month of not only the important things in life, but also the very reason we are here! A celebration and a remembrance, as well as a dedication, to the most vital person of all – MUM!

Taking the Mystery out of Aromatherapy

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We recently discovered that several new customers may have mistakenly believed their brand new diffuser was broken! While anything is possible, a newly manufactured Organic Aromas essential oil diffuser has been tested and certified by our in-house engineers!

Organic Aromas on the Spice Trail


Well known for tantalizing scents such as sandalwood, cinnamon, clove and ylang-ylang, Asia has captured the hearts and minds of so many for ages.

History has shown that intrepid voyagers can uncover little known secrets to unlock methods to heighten and improve our life experience and develop solutions for us to achieve greater potential in all that we do.


Coverage: How effective is this diffuser?

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Depending on what your goal is and your personal liking (among other factors), you may choose to manually turn off the diffuser after just a few minutes.
Sometimes people overwhelm a room with too much scent. It depends on each person.

Alternatively, you can set the diffuser to its “lowest volume” setting, which will release the least amount of diffused essential oil. Therefore, you can really get a “time lapse” like effect. There will always be a low-level amount of scent in the room for an extended period of time.

Beautiful Aromas are in the eyes, mind and nose of the Beholder!

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We know some smells are absolutely captivating and can even leave a long, long term impression on a person.Most people would agree some scents like citrus, cinnamon or lavender are simply lovely and most desired. Still, it is necessary to regulate concentration when diffusing essential oils.

5 FAQ’s for Organic Aromas Diffusers

5 FAQ's for Organic Aromas Diffusers

The quickest answer is by pumping air under pressure through a small micro-tube made of glass which acts as a vacuum pulling on the essential oils in a second parallel micro-tube. This action causes the essential oils to be emitted into the air in super-small micro droplets. The twin micro-tubes are located at the bottom of the glass reservoir. (see the attached picture)

5 Things You Must Know About Organic Aromas Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffusers

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We have received a lot of good feedback from interaction with our customers recently and we want to clarify a few important points. There are a lot of interesting things that we want to make clear to everyone using and considering using one of our nebulizing essential oil aromatherapy diffusers.