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Garden Shower DiffuserBelieve it or not, it’s not hard to make a deep and long-lasting impression on someone you care about. There is nothing more elegant or remarkable than the beautiful, rich and powerful aromas of magnificent essential oils. Regardless of how you feel about the therapeutic effects of these extraordinary natural compounds, everything in life is much, much better when it smells great!!!

That is why this month Organic Aromas is asking our loyal customers to share the joy with those that mean the most to you!

Join our campaign to show your best friend or family member how much more nice life can be when you’re surrounded by the lovely smell of your favorite essential oils. You don’t need to tell others anything about the surprising properties of essential oils, we only need to show you how good they smell.

Zen Buddha DiffuserTo encourage you to share the beauty and power of our special nebulizing diffusers we are having a contest. Show us your pics or share your stories about how much you love your diffuser on social media or on your website or link to us by placing our web address on your facebook, blog site or elsewhere and we will gift you a big bottle of your favorite essential oil (we have 16 kinds!) for FREE.

Send in your submissions and we will give the top two a FREE 30ml bottle of your most loved essential oil.

Immediately make your special someone happier than ever, by introducing these wonderful aromas!