Essential Oil Blends to Boos Your Motivation And Confidence

Essential Oil Blends To Boost Your Motivation And Confidence

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Sometimes, even the most hardworking people need a boost every now and then. The constant work grind can seem monotonous and easily lead to fatigue. It can be difficult to wake up and give your best. Moments like these are normal and will likely recur often throughout your life, but there is a way to make those days easier and more manageable. These essential oil blends for motivation and confidence will help strengthen your resolve and keep you focused.

Motivate Yourself And Be Confident With Essential Oils

Essential oils come from plants. These substances carry the scent and certain therapeutic effects of the plant they were extracted from. How do essential oils work? They are most effective when inhaled. When essential oil particles enter through the nose, they travel to the brain’s limbic system. This allows the essential oils to have an effect on emotions, behaviors, and other bodily functions.

One of the numerous benefits of essential oils is boosting one’s motivation and confidence. These are key factors in anyone’s success regardless of their field or industry. Motivation lets you stay on track toward your goals. It enables you to keep working and going despite challenges. Meanwhile, self-confidence is what keeps your eyes on the target. It gives you the courage to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

On days when even the thought of your dream job is not enough to keep you working, turn to these essential oils:

  • Eucalyptus – Relaxing, stimulates the mind, and improves concentration
  • Grapefruit – Energizing, uplifts the mood, and eases stress
  • Rosemary – Energizing, stimulates the mind, eases stress, AND improves concentration
  • Peppermint – Invigorating, energizing, improves concentration, and encourages creativity
  • Lemongrass – Reduces feelings of anxiety, sharpens mental clarity, and uplifts the mood
  • Elemi – Calming, uplifts the mood, and eases stress
  • Cedarwood – Improves concentration, eases stress, and reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Sweet Fennel – Energizing, improves brain function, and uplifts the mood
  • Jasmine – Uplifts the mood
  • Black Pepper – Eases anxiety, boosts circulation, and improves blood flow
  • Sweet Orange –relieves pain, reduces stress, and uplifts the mood
  • Lime – Uplifts the mood and sharpens mental clarity
  • Lemon – Energizing, eases stress, uplifts the mood, and increases awareness
  • Bergamot – Energizing, eases stress, and evokes inspiration
  • Ylang-Ylang – Reduces stress, relieves headaches, and reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Frankincense – Reduces feelings of anxiety, eases stress, relieves headaches, uplifts the mood, and improves mental clarity
Essential Oil Blends To Boost Your Motivation And Confidence

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly potent and can have a great impact on your motivation and confidence. You can turn a sluggish day around and make it productive by exploiting the motivation- and confidence-boosting benefits of these essential oils with a nebulizing diffuser. A nebulizing diffuser maintains the integrity of essential oils, so you get their full benefits every time.

Unlike other types of diffusers, a nebulizing diffuser does not use water or heat to diffuse essential oils. These two elements are commonly used in aromatherapy, but what many do not know is that they work against essential oils.

Heat changes the overall chemical composition of the essential oils, making them less effective than they were originally. On the other hand, diluting your essential oils with water, also makes them less effective. Evidently, the key to effective aromatherapy for motivation and confidence is keeping the essential oils’ original composition intact. This is exactly what nebulizing diffusers do. This type of diffuser uses pressurized air to turn essential oils into particles. These are then dispersed into the air in the form of a waterless mist that quickly spreads throughout any area.

Essential Oil Blends For Motivation And Confidence

You already know which essential oils can have a positive effect on your motivation and confidence. Now, you’ll learn which essential oils to combine to make a powerful and fragrant blend that will address your needs.

Elevate your mind

  • 3 drops of lemon
  • 3 drops of rosemary
  • 2 drops of black pepper

Let your talents shine

  • 3 drops of grapefruit
  • 3 drops of lemon
  • 1 drop of peppermint

Motivation booster

  • 4 drops of elemi
  • 2 drops of eucalyptus
  • 2 drops of rosemary
  • 2 drops of peppermint

Have courage

  • 3 drops of bergamot
  • 3 drops of peppermint
  • 3 drops of grapefruit


  • 4 drops of bergamot
  • 3 drops of frankincense
  • 2 drops of ylang-ylang


  • 3 drops of lime
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of cedarwood
  • 3 drops of ylang-ylang

Take Care Of Yourself

The energy you put into your work depends on how well you take care of your body and mental well-being. So while these essential oil blends for motivation and confidence can provide you with support from day to day, it’s important to have a balanced life. Give yourself ample time to rest so your mind can recuperate. Keep your eye on your goals at all times, even on days when you don’t seem to have enough energy to do anything. When those days come, you know what to do—turn on your nebulizing diffuser!

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Essential Oil Blends To Boost Your Motivation And Confidence

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  1. Ooooh!!! I love when you give us great essential oil recipes! This is a great list, too!! I feel sluggish most days these days. Maybe these will help! Thx!!!

  2. I have. Even using essential oils for a few years and can agree to the many benefits. My favorite is lemon oil as you can also use this in your dryer for an amazing scent on linens.

  3. At first I thought: How could essential oils have advantages such as these? But it makes sense. If you feel less anxious, more focused, more energized from aromatherapy with certain essential oils, you are bound to reap benefits like confidence and motivation.

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