Tranquility – Nebulizing Diffuser® (Rechargeable)


  • Rechargeable Battery


Experience the serene ambiance with “Tranquility,” our wooden rechargeable nebulizing diffuser. Crafted to perfection, it blends the elegance of natural wood with the innovative technology of a rechargeable lithium battery. This diffuser liberates you from the constraints of cables and wires, allowing for effortless placement in any space. The unique no-water, no-heat diffusion process ensures the purest form of aroma dispersion, preserving the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Its rainbow light feature adds a touch of enchanting colors to your environment.


  • Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a lithium battery, fully charging in approximately 4 hours.
  • Extended Operation: Once charged, it operates for 8 to 10 usage cycles, with each cycle lasting 2 hours.
  • Innovative Cycle Technology: Features a cycle of 1 minute ON and 1 minute OFF during each 2-hour usage period.
  • Voltage and Power: A 5-volt machine, ensuring efficient power usage.
  • Glass Caps Included: Comes with two types of glass caps – vertical and directional (curved) for varied diffusion.
  • Safe Shipping: Shipped via FedEx due to lithium battery restrictions with the post office.
  • Charging Cable Included: Accompanied by a USB – 5volt DC plug for convenient charging.
  • Lighting Feature: Tranquility version offers a rainbow light, while Zenara has a white light. Light can be turned off but not color-customized.

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