Organic Aromas on the Spice Trail


Right now, Organic Aromas is in Indonesia exploring some of the most interesting aromatherapy products found anywhere in the world. Well known for tantalizing scents such as sandalwood, cinnamon, clove and ylang-ylang, Asia has captured the hearts and minds of so many for ages.

History has shown that intrepid voyagers can uncover little known secrets to unlock methods to heighten and improve our life experience and develop solutions for us to achieve greater potential in all that we do.

Cajeput, Elemi, Benzoin, Patchouli….these are the exotic and seldom heard names of several of the most inviting and amazing scents you may ever experience. Uncommon and special, these remarkable organic compounds are perhaps some of the best nature has to offer. Not only do they have a fantastic aroma, but they contain powerful healing properties and substantial therapeutic effects as well.

The sterols, phenols and terpines found deep within the barks, flowers, fruit and leaves of these amazing plants can offer surprising natural cures to age old ailments. In a world increasingly troubled by the degradation and alteration of our natural lifestyles, Organic Aromas devotes itself to advocating the use of essential oils in a variety of ways to improve health and quality of life. To this end, we have discovered and developed one of the absolute best ways to disperse these extraordinary essential oils into our environment.


We invite you to experience the exceptional power and effectiveness of our nebulizing aromatherapy diffusers. Available in a variety of elegant and striking designs, colors and shapes, we are certain you will find these one-of-a-kind products outstanding. We believe that there are no other diffusers on the market that can match the performance and aesthetics.

As we make our way back from a visit to our suppliers, partners and craftsmen in this mysterious archipelago, Organic Aromas confirms its commitment to quality and innovation and endeavors to carry the message of natural healing and self-improvement to all corners of the globe. Try our pure essential oils and fantastic diffusers and you are certain to appreciate their impact on your overall wellbeing.

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