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Coverage: How effective is this diffuser?

We have received overwhelming interest in our one-of-a-kind nebulizing essential oil aromatherapy diffusers! They are both outstanding in their performance and beautiful in appearance!                                             

We appreciate all the love, support, inquiries and questions from Aromaneers across the globe!

Please feel free to ask us anything.

Recently we have had pointed inquiries into the performance and capability of our diffusers. Many people are curious to know how effective are they? If I have an open floor plan, how big of an area would this diffuser cover?

This is important to know and share as the answer can affect how you use your Organic Aromas diffuser.

We feel like a room that is 5 sqm x 5 sqm (269 sq ft) is tiny for this diffuser. This is an average hotel room size and this diffuser can easily fill this room full of great aromas within a couple minutes. Depending on what your goal is and your personal liking (among other factors), you may choose to manually turn off the diffuser after just a few minutes. Sometimes people overwhelm a room with too much scent. It depends on each person.

Alternatively, you can set the diffuser to its “lowest volume” setting, which will release the least amount of diffused essential oil. Therefore, you can really get a “time lapse” like effect. There will always be a low-level amount of scent in the room for an extended period of time.Raindrop 

This all means that a room that is 5 sqm x 8 sqm (430 sq ft), like a living room/dining room combination area, is also very easy (and quick) to fill full of great scents. It will vary with the environment. Also, the scent may fall on cloth or material or carpet and stay/linger longer as well, please consider that.

I would venture to state that our diffusers could be adequate for a room up to 10 sqm x 10sqm (1,000sq ft), as long as it is not open to the outdoors (or wind, AC, fans, etc), though, certainly the scent will not be dispersed throughout immediately. The aroma will have to build.

Furthermore, as you probably know, the type of essential oil will play a role too. Cinnamon and perhaps Spearmint will probably be stronger and seem more effective than a Sweet Orange or a grapefruit. Ylang Ylang is also very strong.

Last, but not least, the perceived and real effect of the diffuser will also be greater with regular cleaning. Be sure to watch our video to see how to do the best maintenance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju2wmcX6vVU

We appreciate your positive energy and keen interest. Thanks again. Sincerely, Organic Aromas




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